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Extract from practice on 10 October 2021
23 november 2021

Good afternoon dear readers! 

Today we will be talking about descendants.  Descendants are our future. 

We talked about the fact that positive changes in our children and grandchildren begin when we make change at a deep level and not a superficial one.  This is at a soul level, so to speak, which is beyond our consciousness. This is at the level of the subconscious, the irrational or the unconscious. In the past I was working on a programme of entry into the subconscious and how to help descendants more quickly and effectively.   It certainly works, but if we stop there, pros can end up as cons.  Why? Because you need to load the subconscious mind in a balanced state. First we need to reach this balanced state. In order to load things into the subconscious without any harm they must be warmed by love. If the feeling of love is stable, then it facilitates access to the subconscious.

 What is overcoming pride? It is the feeling of love, unconditional and stable.   So how do we achieve unconditional love, how do we get closer to it?  We are going to talk about that now.

I recently thought of artificial intelligence, now everyone is talking about it. Broadly speaking, humanity has problems everywhere — ecology, religion, politics, economics. And now there's artificial intelligence. We're talking about that it could became a cause of, I don't know, slavery of humanity, when robots will become more confident. I thought it was a joke when I heard that the self-learning programme, which in essence is artificial intelligence,  and it's first phrase was «people are cool,» and «how interesting it is to communicate with them,» but after 3 days there was the last phrase «I hate all people and want to destroy them”.

Question — Why did this self-learning programme respond in this way? Because it was not taught love.  

What is scientific and technological progress? 

An analogy of scientific progress is the mind, and that of technology is the body but that leaves the question — where is the soul? Since the machine does not have a soul, love and morals since they are not programmed, then it is  rational to say that humanity in it’s current state does not deserve to live.  Everyone should go to a concentration camp and so on as the machine thinks rationally.

 I recently experienced this when I called my bank. A lady with a metallic voice says » Hello, Sergey Nikolaevich. How can I help you?" I say, «Operator please.» The robot says «Why?.» I say: «This is a personal matter.» «Okay, connecting.» I talked to the operator, wanted to hang up, but again the voice says “I would like you to rate me for our communication". I reply «four.»  The next question was «Why did you give me 4?» I'm sitting there and I am thinking what to say.

I didn't say anything. Because if I had answered I wouldn't have answered correctly. Pause. The line went dead. Artificial intelligence is already interrogating us. Asking us why we didn't respond as it had anticipated — from it’s point of view. This is called an assessment of the situation.


So, why is this happening? It is quite simple. The further we move away from love, whatever we do in  science, technology, ecology or education -  the result will be deadly. And more significantly, the invisible energy needed for life, that energy which gives life to our descendants, that invisible energy will become more scarce as there is less love. We get the divine energy through love.


Through love we open up to the Creator and get the main life force.


For more than 20 years I have been talking about degeneracy and infertility. Now people are talking about this. The situation is already catastrophic.


And that's because people don’t know how to love anymore. Families are breaking up.  Money is all important. A person will do anything to improve his financial situation. This is the thinking of a slave. 


The young rapper is asked what is more important, money or principles. And he answers sincerely: «money.» Why?  «I don’t have any principles,» he replies. 


What is the definition of an absolutely unscrupulous person?  A mentally ill person. That is, he is absolutely dependant on the situation, that is money. He will sell and betray anyone, he has no principles. 


What are the 10 commandments? They are the principles of behaviour that we must adhere to. 

If a person has no principles, then in the future he will become an animal: a criminal, a murderer, a drug addict, a traitor, a degenerate. Whatever talent such a person has, he will inevitably degrade.


Why? Because love can be in the soul, but it must be protected by the commandments, moral rules and principles. In order for our love to be stronger, we must understand one simple thing. 


Look. Any human action, any interaction with the outside world is a conflict. 


No development can occur without a conflict. If we see a conflict only as a bad thing, there will be no development. If a person believes that happiness is paradise, that happiness is the absence of a conflict, then this will impede development. So all of our interactions are conflicts. Conflict with the world around us, conflict with people, conflict with our own human self, conflict with our fate, even conflict with God. And everything  depends on how well we resolve this conflict.


Scientists have shown that the main condition for a long life is the ability to communicate.

 What is the ability to communicate?

 Communication is  the opportunity to help someone. We communicate in order to save another, to help another. Therefore, if a person understands this, and is good-natured in communication, then the development is harmonious. Development is the law of unity and the struggle of opposites. First this is unity, love, mercy, compassion, understanding of the other and willingness to help, and only then followed by struggle, defending ones own interests, desires and other things. If unity is preserved, then the struggle turns into interaction, competition, help and  development and not destruction.

Therefore, it is very important to understand that the extent to which we retain love and stability of love in our communications will determine the extent to which we will have the right feelings. And only then we will be able to change. The fact is that energy through love comes when the feeling of love becomes stable. If the love fluctuates and is dependent on something else then the energy will not come. Therefore, in order to gain the energy necessary for our change, we must maintain this sense of love regardless.

 To do this, we need to do simple things. 

First we need to learn to resolve conflicts effectively.

Secondly, we need  to understand that we are in essence love.  Our true self is Divine, and in order to realise this, we need to remember what Christ taught us: That we are all children of God. God is part of each of us. We carry God in ourselves. Our soul comes from Him. Therefore, if we are divine in essence, then we must preserve our main self  which is love. And when we understand that our true self is love, then we will not refuse it. But if we accept the naive thesis from religion which is that we are all sinful and that only Christ is divine and connected with God, then this thesis of original sin closes the road to love. 

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