12 january 2022

S.N. Lazarev About How to Overcome Fear

Extract from practice
S.N. Lazarev About How to Overcome Fear

Let’s talk about fears today.

An old acquaintance of mine told me that she had gastritis. She had been given some tablets and antibiotics and she was worried about developing serious problems and even dying. She was crying and didn't know what to do. 

My response was this: 

'First of all, most people have some form of gastritis. However, where there are remaining fears about the condition, then the tablets won’t work. It is a question of balancing your feelings, learning to be happy with what you have and not being afraid'.

She asked: how do I deal with fear?

I answered: What are we usually afraid of? It is the future. Why are we afraid? Because we are too attached to life and our instincts. A person who can’t restrain his desires, lust, greed and jealousy will be afraid. Why? Because the more attached you are to life, the more afraid you are of any loss. When a person understands that the first instinct is his faith in God and unity with the Almighty and love, he will feel that the soul is primary and his fear will disappear as the soul is eternal.

The more we focus on our physical bodies, desires, instincts, the more fears we will have. 

As I mentioned previously:  

The Almighty Will is everywhere. So each time you think about the future it has already been decided by Him, and you will then feel calmer. 

She says: is that all?

I responded:  

First accept this, and then we can talk about other things. Shortly afterwards I then thought of adding this: 

Imagine you are going to die. You must say goodbye to everything. Because when a person dies, he must turn to the Almighty. He must let everything go, and open his soul to the Almighty. Why? Because if he does not, there will be problems with transitioning to the afterlife and his future existence in the afterlife. Instead of complaining and regrets, you need to turn to love. 

The procedure of passing has always been important for all tribes and nations. As the Romans said “memento more” — “remember death”. 

So imagine you are saying goodbye to this life, accept it and you will feel better. Before a fight, warriors such as the Vikings, if I’m not mistaken, drunk an infusion of magic mushrooms. Why? Because it was a break away from usual attachments. And warriors were also told: “you are already dead”. When a warrior was convinced that he was already dead, he was free of fear and became an excellent fighter. 

We can overcome fear with different techniques but I want to emphasize once again that any fear is protection. Fear is necessary for our existence. We would die without fear. The issue itself is not about fear.  The fact is that fear is an inhibition of energy and energy is only inhibited when we don’t know how to control it. 

Uncontrolled release of energy comes at the time of a panic, and panic means that we are trying to over control the situation or that we are not able to accept something. When I am unable to accept something, then I furiously release energy. For example, I lose my wallet.  I can't accept this.  At first panic and regret set in, and this is followed by fear.  When this happens the energy is released at great speed.

 As such, this ability to release energy in sports including extreme sports, the ability to release energy though the emotions, the ability to conflict and to solve issues — all of this is training for the release of energy. 

If we learn to release energy in a controlled way, then we will no longer have an uncontrollable flow, and the fear and horror which result will not appear.

When is a person afraid? This happens for example, when we are watching a horror film. When we do not know what is happening we panic. We cannot create a model of what is happening. But when the worst imaginable monster  crawls out in front of us, then it’s useless to fear, we need to run from it or stop it.

Therefore fear is the inability to release energy correctly.  It is the inability  to maintain internal calmness and to realise that everything is given by the Almighty.  Any situation is presented as a task and simply needs to be solved.

There are no unsolvable or incomprehensible situations. That is, the more a person believes in God, the more he feels a higher meaning in everything that happens. So fear is not needed.  Higher meaning is aimed at our development and ultimately at our salvation, even in the most unpleasant of situations.

Faith is not just an assumption that God exists. Faith is an aspiration to be like God and an associated change in character. 

A person who aspires to be good natured, has the ability to sacrifice is less attached and has less fears. A person who accepts the Divine Will experiences less fear. 

An envious, vindictive person will always be afraid. The greater the pride, the greater the fears. Therefore Faith, an  observance of the 10 commandments, periodic abstinence including fasting — they allow us to become less attached and reduce our fears.

When a person is drunk, he has no fear. 

Why isn't the drunk person afraid? Because his energy is released under the dictation of alcohol, and not the situation. That is, he looks at the situation but he is not attached. He has a sense of euphoria. He has a certain barrier between himself and the world around him. The result is his assessment of the situation is much simpler and never causes panic. 

What does this mean? When a sober person knows how to control himself, then technically he is as detached as a drunk person. That is, he sees any situation as normal, unexpected, natural, and he calmly interacts with it.

But the more our logic, our ego, and our self  take over, the more we try to control the whole world. However, we cannot control the whole world. This is because by controlling the situation on a subtle level, we are trying to control the whole universe. This is accompanied by the beginning of an over release of energy, and then fears appear. Therefore a person who lives with his heart and his soul, he has no fear. But a person who lives by his mind, logic and reason, he will be afraid all the time.

 What are our children currently being taught in school?  

Feelings? No. Culture? No. Art? No. Faith? No.

They are being taught arithmetics and mathematics.  They are taught to be consumers and performers.

They are taught to think,  to do, but not to feel. Therefore, the foundation of  future fears are being laid in our children.  The result is that fear gives birth to depression or aggression towards others. When I fear someone, I have hatred for him. One is related to the other.  When I feel some kind of fear which I can't pinpoint, I end up getting depressed.

Therefore it is important to pay more attention to your emotional education:  art, interaction with others, gifts for other people, doing goods acts for others. All of this -  the ability to interact, the ability to sacrifice, and the ability to love — is the best way to overcome fear. Everything is simple. We just need to do it.

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