S.N. Lazarev About How to Increase Love

6 july 2022

The extent to which our feelings are important to us and the extent to which we understand the importance of our feelings will determine the best behaviour for us. 


First of all, we should not have fear. We need not to manifest bad thoughts about ourselves.


We should not have doubts about our potential,


as Augustine said ‘Love God and do as you please’.


When we aim for this attitude towards the world, then our feelings will flow naturally, they will blossom and it we will be easier for us to love and increase our feelings of love.


We should not ever be embarrassed by this feeling of love. 


Do not be embarrassed to complement others and do nice things to help others or to give to others.


Do this and your love will increase.


The more love we give, the more love will result. 


Therefore let us start to change for the better.


God is love, God loves us, and we need to love Him and everything created by Him.

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