4 january 2023

Dangers of Using Electronic Devices

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
Dangers of Using Electronic Devices

Making our souls and bodies healthier is a condition of happiness and living well on this Earth.

I can describe many factors and make many generalisations but I would like to discuss in more detail one of the main factors that is going to cause us problems in the future. 

A person is essentially an energy system, consisting of energies. And the extent to which those energies function correctly in a person’s body will determine a person’s health. 

If we don’t use enough energy in terms of moving, if we don’t walk enough, if we don’t exercise, then we start to lose energy, our metabolism slows down and we get ill.

But when we use our energy thoughtlessly, when we overstrain ourselves physically or mentally, then we also get ill. This means that normal healthy functioning is dialectical: we need to use energy and we need to compensate that energy as well.

And in this respect it is very important to use energy and stop using this energy in good time. Bible says “Remember the Sabbath” (Saturday): you need to work for 6 days but on day 7 you need to pray to God, which means not thinking about your work and affairs and so on, and then compensation occurs and your energy will be balanced.

Energy is balanced when you have a clear aim. For example I have an aim to chop some wood, and when I have chopped it, the aim has been reached, energy has been used and I now need to rest. This is the normal process. But imagine now: I have another load of wood and I chop this as well. Following this, I am brought another load of wood.  I am tired now but I force myself to chop it because I think that I need to. What will happen when I overexert myself? My body will initially expend energy, and will  even has extra energy in reserve for a while. However, the energy will eventually stop and I will get ill. Accordingly, even if I want to chop another load of wood, my body will not allow me to. This may be accompanied with having anxieties, not feeling like chopping wood etc.

The use of energy should be connected to a specific aim. The use of energy for the pure sake of it, such as chopping wood for hours, can lead to serious problems.  This is what happens when we  use only the function but without any aim.  It is dangerous for our health. It’s like an empty washing machine with no clothes inside turning the drum for the  sake of it.  A person needs an aim.  Aim determines a function. Why do I talk about it? Because now we have a factor which is very important to consider when we use our energy.

A friend of mine told me about his friend. He said that he suddenly started to fall over, lose consciousness and this was followed by pneumonia.  He asked me what was a possible reason for this. He doesn’t like going to the doctors and his condition was serious, but he is feeling better now. I said: look, if he started to lose consciousness, it means that his energy has fallen very low. Pneumonia occurs when there is a decrease in immunity. 

 It looks like there was a factor which forcefully took his energy.

I asked: did he have any changes in his lifestyle? He said that he didn’t. 

I asked: how about electonic devices? Because the use of devices takes a lot of energy.

He said: he realised that his illness was connected to all these mobiles and so on. He put all the devices away and doesn’t touch them anymore. The result: he felt better immediately.


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