4 november 2022

Our Function Needs to Serve Our Main Aim

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
Our Function Needs to Serve Our Main Aim

Following the commandments, the ability to correctly spend energy is the condition of health and survival in the future.

Often we waste our energy through bad habits. What is the meaning of bad habits?

Look: on a material level there is an aim, there is a function and there is a result.

We can take any domestic appliance, for example a fridge: the aim of a fridge is to cool food, the function of a fridge is that the engine does its work, the organ is the fridge itself in metal and plastic and so on. When do we have problems? When I switch the fridge on, the fridge makes noise, the engine is working but not cooling the fridge. That is the main aim is missing but function is working. This fridge is faulty, even though it looks fine.

 It’s the same with a person. When a person loses their main aim,

the higher aim of love, unity with the Almighty,

(and the role of a religion is to connect us with the Almighty), when a person replaces his main aims with  secondary aims, such is prosperity, life, pleasure and so on, then  the main aim is missing and the function becomes more important.

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