6 march 2023

Overcoming Pride

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
Overcoming Pride

As I said before that if a tribe of monkeys are given the best constitution in the world, nothing in their life will change, their mentality will not allow them to change.

In order to change, we need to act. In order to act, we need a clear and easy to understand image on which to act.

Imagine, a group of climbers requiring permission to climb a mountain. They will be asked: 'Did you plan a climbing route?' The climbers reply 'No, it is not necessary to plan a route. We can see the mountain, it should be fine.' They are asked: ‘What time will you start? Do you have all the necessary equipment?’They reply: ‘We will do this later’. And then they are told: ‘Permission to climb will not be granted because you are not ready and you will kill yourselves.’

So unless a person has a clear understanding what he needs to do and achieve from the outset he will do nothing.

This will be either because he is lazy or because he is scared, and he will be right to do nothing.

In order to overcome pride we need to understand what pride is.

If we look for the definition  of ‘pride’ in the dictionary, it will say something alone the lines of a superiority complex or similar. But first let’s look at different forms of pride.

Devil felt superior. It is true, when a person feels superior to others and doesn’t resist this feeling of superiority but tries to belittle others - then this is clear pride and will indicate that he will later have serious problems.

When a person in a position of power wants to remain in power and tries to pass laws which limit people’s freedom and give him more power under the pretext of force major or anything else, then this is called pride. This is the level at which when a person doesn’t want to feel unity with another person.

Having unity with others safeguards our feelings of love.

Without unity there is no love. Love will ultimately leave without unity. 

Imagine the case where a young man falls in love with a girl, all the time emphasising that he is cleverer than her and that he is better looking than her. Obviously this will not work in the long term.

So what is pride? In my opinion the best definition can be found in the Old Testament -

‘Pride is leaving God’.


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