10 march 2023

Turning Our Bad Traits Into Good Traits

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
Turning Our Bad Traits Into Good Traits

Everything in the Universe is tri-fold. Every process has two opposites which are united on a higher level. 

For example, greed is always balanced by a surge to overspend.

Cowardness is balanced by cruelty.

Bravery is balanced by crudeness or alternatively bravery ends up by sucking up to people or being cowardly.

A person who is constantly suppressing other people is bringing up a coward inside himself.

Because one extreme will turn into another.
If we aspire to God, our bad traits turn into good traits but if we turn away from God, our good traits turn into bad traits. 
So the main thing is not to suppress our bad traits, not to get rid of them but to aspire to God. 

Eventually the traits which we thought of as bad will change.

For example, a greedy person will become economical and a selfish person will become generous.

So it is not about a bad trait which we need to destroy. It all comes down to the fact that we don’t have enough love and we are unable to unite two opposites.

For example, in Buddhism the biggest sin is to think of yourself as better than others, then to think that you are worse than others and then to think that you are someone.

That is that self-importance is the root of pride. And the advice is simple - dissolve yourself in Nirvana, detach from your self and you will be happy.

But this is a breach of the law of the unity and the struggle of opposites. Why? Because when we dissolve our self, any self development is stalled.

When we are in Nirvana, our development is stopped.

How to become closer to God?

It turns out we don’t have to suppress ourselves.

We don’t need to belittle or neglect ourselves. What is our self? It is like the walls in which we build - our potential, our wishes and our energy.

Is it a sin to build the walls of a house? No. But it is a sin when we have no foundation.

When we have love, a sense of unity with others, we become richer. When we want to help others, we start to do charity work and different projects which should help society.


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