29 november 2022

Unnoticed Danger To Our Descendants

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
Unnoticed Danger To Our Descendants

The issue of purifying our descendants is of course a very important and much needed issue but before we talk about purifying our descendants I think it makes sense to talk about how not to harm our descendants.

 The Old Testament says that God punishes children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren up to the fourth generation of those who commit serious sins.  When a person commits a sin, he must pay for it. But when a sin is serious, then not only the person himself but also his descendants up to the fourth generation must pay for it. Murder, suicide, robbery, theft, treachery – all of these are sins which not only affect the person who commits them but also his descendants.

But why are the descendants of a promiscuous woman cursed for up to the tenth generation? She didn’t murder anyone, she only had pleasure. What is the significance of this?

A complete shift of aims.

When a person who commits a sin or a so-called ‘miss’, he feels that what he’s doing is wrong, that he is breaching moral laws and so on.  However,  when  a woman is consumed by lust, and insatiable craving to receive pleasure forces out love, then a woman practically doesn’t notice it.

 I am often asked ‘why is there a snake in heaven, why did the snake tempt Eve by offering her fruit?’ The snake is a symbol of unnoticed danger.  The snake is not easy to notice.

The snake is an embodiment of a sin, which comes unnoticed but holds firm.

As most of our energy goes into the instinct of reproduction, all breaches connected to the instinct of reproduction lie very deep in our subconscioness and destroy the health and the destiny of our descendants.

So what is the conclusion? The conclusion is that first of all

chaste, correct attitude to sex, to relations between a man and a woman is a guarantee of healthy children.


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