20 february 2023

Women Need Energy To Make Children Balanced

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
Women Need  Energy To Make Children Balanced

Today the emancipation of women and the fact that most women work, has lead to the situation where practically all children are underloved.

This means that there is a degradation of love and an increase in obsessions. 

It’s easy to say that the woman should not work. But what about the family? The government should take care of the family. In the past women looked after the children and family and everything was fine. 

As a result of the profit seeking and vested interests ethos, the situation in the world has changed.

From my point of view it is best for the woman not to work.  When she does work, it should be such a job which allows her sufficient energy to look after her children.

Otherwise children will be unhappy. If you think about it – why does a woman work?  She does this in order to provide for her children and bring them up. 

However, she may give them food and physically bring them up but she won’t give them the most important thing. Her love.

So this brings a choice – what is more important: body or soul?

A child could be clothed, fed and groomed but deep inside he despises and hates everyone.

He is unable to overcome stress, because he lacks love in his soul.

He is embittered, he is envious and lustful and he can’t supress his obsessions. Alcoholism, drugs and so on are the consequence.

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