16 july 2020

Anna Karenina

The essence of the role of Anna Karenina is a person who loves life, who is beautiful, intelligent, extraordinary, energetic, but is involuntarily committing a sin, a blunder, when she does not go in the direction of Love but of passion.
Anna Karenina

The analysis of Anna Karenina and the concept of sin as expressed in the Bible are very clearly connected. All that Anna Karenina did was a consistent violation of the Bible’s commandments. The reason that families often fall apart is a consistent violation of the commandments in the Bible. That is, if a person retains love, then he has a need for the truth and there is a need for maintaining opposites. A person then realises that anything that is imperfect, or that he doesn’t like, should be loved and we need to see a positive side in it at the same time.

Anna Karenina is not a naive woman who fell crazy in love and then left her husband. Leo Tolstoy did not write fleeting best sellers books. Basically,  any work of art should be holographic. What does that mean? In a hologram, any tiny part contains information about the whole thing. Our universe is like a hologram. This means that any part of the universe contains information about the entire universe. The universe is holographic not only in space, but also in time. That is, each part contains all the information about the entire universe, about its past, present and future. So each of us is a universe and each of us can potentially become the Almighty, learning about this world in all its diversity and increasing love in the soul. Similarly, a work of art should compress time and space. It should compress as many images as possible. Accordingly the higher the density of the image and the more information that is compressed, the higher the level of the work of art. We can talk about Anna Karenina as a domestic situation, where a woman just fell in love and committed suicide, but Tolstoy, and in general Russian writers, wrote, mainly, about the fate of the world, about the fate of Russia, about things fundamentally important to humanity, such as the concept of a man and a woman.

What is Anna Karenina's relevance today? And how can Anna Karenina's fate be connected with the fate of Russia? When I watched the film, I was not able to form an image of Anna Karenina. Well, the actors gave a faithful rendition of the text. The main character seems madly in love, although on the face of it she appeared to be a rational person, it was hard to believe she was capable of mad passion. What is the image of Anna Karenina? What is the essence of her role?

So I thought — who can we compare her to? So here's the image — Anna Karenina is Poor Job. Anna Karenina is Poor Job who committed suicide. Because God did not come to him. When Poor Job was ready to commit suicide he was helped from above. Poor Job passed the test and he was resurrected. This is very important because every person, all of us, periodically must go through the collapse of all that is dear to us. And for civilization to go to the next phase, to develop, and in order to get new breath, we need to go through purification. All of us need to go through a collapse of everything that is not divine. By keeping our love for God, we are resurrected again and gain new energy. That time is now approaching. And those who are not able to overcome the first stages of purification on a subtle level, will undergo a mechanism of self-destruction, with the result that they will be unable to change.

I've been warning about this for a long time. Whether a person will survive depends on how much a person is able to keep love in his soul when he feels incredible pain in his soul, when his future collapses, when the spiritual and the physical aspects collapse.

This point of view was given by Christ already.

Why did Anna Karenina die? And why didn't God come to her? Anna Karenina's tragedy is connected with the fact that she was unable to preserve love in the most difficult situation. Because only a person who believes in One God can retain Love in the most difficult situation. Only such a person will feel that his soul came from God, such a person feels that the world is One and the Almighty is it’s creator. Such a person will understand the phrase “God – your Father”, which was later repeated by Christ. If I am essentially  Divine, and God is eternal, then whatever trials that fate throws my way, my soul will retain love and never give up love. If I am essentially God’s child, if my soul is essentially Love, then I will not kill myself, especially if my soul is eternal. My soul will rise above any suffering, because such suffering is a temporary loss.

If God is love, if everything is from God and God is One, then everything that happens in the world has a Divine nature.

What sin did Anna Karenina commit? Two or three hundred years ago, the Orthodox Church began to lose its system of priorities. The main system of priorities in Judaism and Christianity is the Creator, Christ said ‘we needs to serve and worship Him, we need to be like Him’. «Be perfect like your Father.» If you do not fulfill the first commandment, and perform only the second «Love your neighbour», then we begin to worship a person, the attachment to a person begins, and love turns into passion. When love turns into passion, it becomes aggressive and turns into depression. If the first commandment is not fulfilled, then the woman who has lost the first commandment in the subconscious will turn feelings of love into passion.

It turns out that the most extraordinary and most talented, the smartest women will endure a tragic fate. So Anna Karenina is Poor Job, who lost the first commandment. This is a person who turned her back on God, and God did not reveal Himself to her. Therefore, the essence of the role of Anna Karenina is a person who loves life, who is beautiful, intelligent, extraordinary, energetic, but is involuntarily committing a sin, a blunder, when she does not go in the direction of Love but of passion.

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