26 february 2021

Never Look Away (part 2)

Never Look Away (part 2)

This young girl, she had a need for a sense of love. And she realised it by asking the drivers to sound the horns at the same time. That is the film begins, say, as a certain hymn to love. The question arises “why does she have schizophrenic problems and why did she get naked”? To explain the logic of her behaviour, we need to know the laws of soul development and the laws of the subconscious. The film director intuitively built everything correctly in this film. This is a characteristic of a good film director. They are very intuitive. This is why they build the plot correctly. I said before that when a person has a dangerously high level of subconscious arrogance, then he either dies or throws himself into jealousy, desire or horniness.

And pride appeared when she gave flowers to Hitler.


 When she came into contact with him, she felt this animalistic worship of the idol.


Human worship is pride. This is a purely pagan cult. It is an abdication of God. The more we worship a person, the more we forget about God. That is why Christ said «And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household”.  And here the whole nation greeted their leader in a fascist greeting, crying with happiness. This is a blasphemous renunciation of God. And she was a very talented, sensitive girl, and since she, like a good car, had higher speeds than others, the wrong direction broke her much faster.

Her  pride increased numerously, and it immediately turned into lust, and that’s why she began to behave so strange. That is, it turns out that this worship of Hitler, it was supposed to lead all Germans to this path. That is, first enormous pride, then enormous lust, and then decomposition. The defeat of fascism suspended this process, but if we look closely this process of decomposition continued in a sluggish state. It was in Germany that homosexuality flourished and the decomposition of feelings in Germany was on the largest scale. This idea of ​ ​ superiority of one over the other and worship of a person, it has borne fruit and now it is clear what is happening with Germany.

The reason for a diagnosis of schizophrenia by this doctor, who believed that the girl should be killed, turns out to be closely connected with worship of Fuhrer. In this case if this doctor could examine the causal relationships, he would be very surprised to see that the worship of the Führer leads to inferiority in people. This is inferiority from a medical perspective but also applies to flawed people in principle from a divine point of view. 

When this young artist (who is talented and adapts quickly), begins to smear the whole of socialist painting, he then realises that this is a void, and he flees to West Germany where he finds an even larger void. In East Germany there was some degradation in the form of social-realism, but in West Germany the degradation has already ended. There was no more painting.

 Only emptiness.

 Yes. And he begins to imitate this emptiness, quite successfully, becoming the leader in this. And here he finds the professor, a very strange person.


 This is a professor who does not look at the students work, demanding only that they go to all the lectures, and says only you can determine whether your work is good or bad.


 Noone knows what he does. In fact he mocks the education system.


 But nevertheless he is well established  and the fact that he holds this position indicates that he is an outstanding, talented person, that's the thing.


 Then the question is, why does he have such a derisory attitude towards his students, and why does he not teach anything? What is your opinion?

 To make them find their own way...

He is trying to help them awake their own vision of the world. But why then is this useless? Because the average people are controllable.  His own vision of the world can have a person who is..

 One of the rare ones.

A person who must take responsibility for his vision. If a person is taking risks he can die much faster. Much more easily… A person who has his own values and his own way will make mistakes more often and will die faster than other people. It is much easier to stay in line and follow the general rules. As a result we all tend to follow the line. That is the general direction. The current general direction in Germany is no longer a cult of faith or morality. It is not even a cult of saving humanity in extreme and fanatical ways.


 In Germany now there are just animalistic inclinations that people have come to realise. And with such goals the function was doomed. That is art should have fallen apart. And this talented man was well aware that he could not teach anything really. He will not be able to recode these students, whose main goal is basic instincts. With such a goal art cannot exist. Design can but art can't. He was aware of his powerlessness so he was engaged in shocking his students.


 And suddenly, when professor looked into the guy's  eyes… There is an amazing scene — when he looks into his eyes and says „you have the eyes of a tested person“ and enrols him on a course without any questions. It was amazing. So he was a very clever and very intuitive person and realised that in front of him is an outstanding person. And then a terrific moment when he comes to look at his work and sees that this guy is talented, but he begins to grow into this decomposition system and he seems to be engaged in shocking, very talented shocking but this is not art. It's hypocrisy, it's lies. And by the way it's Satanism. „The devil is the father of lies,“ said Christ.

Do you know why the devil is the father of all lies?

 Because in order to lie you have to give up love?

 Why does lying amount to Satanism? Let's look into this. Who lied first? Adam.


 Why did he lie? Because he was afraid.

 He was trying to protect his life.

 Yes. He was afraid of punishment so he lied.


But if he had told the truth, he would have been punished, and that would have made him change for the better. What we are saying is that lying avoids responsibility. This is the initial and the main reason for lying. By avoiding responsibility and the consequent punishment you are avoiding development.


 Therefore lying prevents development of a person.


Why is the devil the father of all lies? When the devil puts himself first, then it's not the help of God or love for God but the devil's ego which should help the devil. It is this ego that need protecting. Since everything that is born must die, then the devil cannot be eternal. In order to protect and preserve himself, the devil needs to strive for power, and it is the devil's main desire to have complete power over the world. In order to change, we need love. Since the devil has no love, he cannot change. For him change is destruction.

Therefore, the devil tempts and lies because he cannot change. And a person who is fond of lying gravitates to Satanism.


And in this regard, when Christ accused the priests of being hypocritical was when they seemed to act correctly in form but concealed their true purpose, this was one of the most skilful forms of lying. Hypocrisy is outwardly acting correctly to conceal lies.


Hypocrisy is true in form but false in essence. In this regard hypocrisy is more dangerous than lying. Because hypocrisy is in part true. So returning to the film. This teacher saw individuality in the eyes of the main character. He says, „Who are you? Ask yourself this question“ and the guy then realised that he was not expressing his true self but was expressing the views of others.  A truly creative person should realise love in himself and not imitate someone else. This guy could realise his true self but he was imitating others. And by asking him this question „who are you?” the teacher forced him to look for creative ways of expressing himself. 

When the guy started to find his way what did he find? He started to create a new type of art by painting photos. The question is — why did he smear the photos with a brush so that they would be unclear? The fact is that when there is a photo which is reproduced this is hyperrealism in form, this is just an accurate depiction of reality. However when he creates blurred photographs, then the form gives way to content.


He sees not the form but it's content. That is he tries to see the content. However if modern art destroys the form, then he tries to preserve the form and begins to develop due to a comprehension and deepened understanding of the content,and not due to the destruction of the form. This is due to an increase in love and the ability to love the world in which you are.

Then you do not need to destroy the form but you need to increase the depth and not the volume. And now he is positioning himself as someone who is establishing a new direction. When you think about what the direction is, then you see that he caught the main idea of his professor. The professor said that he did not know where to go. He did not understand the purpose of his life and the purpose of art. He only understood when he was burned and almost dead, lying in a plane in Crimea when the locals nursed him. He then understood one amazing thing. He was killing them, he was dropping bombs on them, but they saved him and nursed him for a whole year. What does it mean? This means that love to them was more important than the instinct of self-preservation. 

The instinct of self-preservation demands us to kill our enemy in response. Whereas the salvation of the enemy is love. This is basically a Christian idea, which is ‘love your enemies’. When love is more important than the instinct of self-preservation, only then is development possible. But he couldn’t explain it in words. He called it ‘fat and felt’. That is he created an image of unconditional love where love is above the instincts. He then to conveyed this image to someone who would understand. As most others simply would not understand what he was talking about. He then conveyed to this guy the idea of love which is the main goal, from which art is born. When the guy understood it and tried to realise this love, he did this through the new direction in art. However, this was secondary and not important as it could be realised in any form. The aim was realised as a function. The goal must be definite while the function could be any. It has even been suggested that this formed the basis of a new direction in painting. 

But there's a little nuance here. This is due to the fact that the film is set in post-war Germany in the sixties. And as far as we know this supposed new direction in art is not apparent in 21st century Germany.


Art is dying and not only in painting, which is practically dead, but in general art is dying.


So this is not about a real revival but about a path to revival that the film director saw. A talented director who is trying to find a way to save civilization by love, by making it a priority. However, this is only an idea. One might say, this is the first series. And the second series should be about how to put love first, and what needs to be done in order to do this. What are the reasons why love did not come first? Here you need to examine the teachings of Christ in order to understand what happened. In any case very serious questions were raised in this film. The first question raised was that the degradation of art is the future death of society and this is clearly shown. The film also talks about the fact that art should serve love and that the revival of art is possible through love. It took me several decades to understand these main foundations but this young German director has clearly set them out in this film.


The director has conveyed this in images. 

Reader: I really liked the image of the main character, here is a clear example of no matter what happens in life, he manages to maintain love. This leads him to success.

S.N.: Yes. As the father of this girl says, “Abortion is the best way to divorce the young ones.» And suddenly his wife says with a surprise that «they are even closer to each other.»

Yes, he scoffed at him by making him a cleaner but he did his job with a dignity.


Reader: And in general, during the film I did not see him judging or being critical. He was active all the time. 

S.N.: Yes, he was active and smiled all the time.

Reader: He smiled and did not condemn — this is the model of a future person.

S.N.: In principle yes. A good film primarily represents an image, an image of the main character. If you build the portrait of the main character correctly, the film will always be successful. And here being good natured, with his initiative and courage — show Christian qualities that a person should possess.

 Reader: In my view it is a male film, as there are many different types of males in the film, each has a different outcome. There are clear examples of this in the film.

S.N.: Yes. A man must be independent, he must be brave – he destroyed all his work. And at the same time he must be very decisive and tough when necessary. He changed his fate with a flick of his fingers. By the standards of East Germany he was part of an elite. He was allowed to paint the significant paintings of the time. He received everything an elite person could in East Germany but he gave it all up. By the way do you know why the film is called «Never Look Away”? In Judaism it is generally accepted that illness is punishment for sins.


 And in Christianity the main thing is preparation for the future. This is not so much a punishment as a mercy and a preparation and impulse for development. And in this respect, he is acting in preparation.

Reader: I noticed one thing, forgive me for interrupting, that fasting, detachment, nothing works now and will not work. It is a primitive way. It is not working any more. A new person needs new ways of development.

S. N.: Well, let's just say, 2,000 years ago, Christ's disciples did not fast, and this was not a coincidence. But 2000 years ago people were probably not ready for new ways of development. A person must go through each stage of development in order to understand and grow. You cannot miss school and then go straight to the university. School comes first followed by university. It is the same in life.

In terms of evolution my own development was very similar. I started researching the past focusing on the sins committed by a person. Then I realised this was the first stage. You then need to progress to the present and develop the ability to solve conflicts and to communicate effectively. After this I realised we need to move onto the future, namely the understanding that everything that happens to us is a stimulus for development. These were the three stages I had to go through. First of call I started with a pagan and purely scientific approach, followed by Judaism, and then I began to move quite painfully to Christianity.

 Reader: Are these earlier methods of self-restraint now in the past?

S.N.: The fact is the method of self-restraint is superficial. We start with an aim which results in a function, which then gives birth to an organ. At an organ level a medical treatment will not be effective now. It will not be effective even at a function level.


Treatment will only be effective if there is a correct aim. For example, what is an organ? This is at the level of medication, operations, etc. What is a function? This is the right lifestyle, prevention, healthy eating. But all of this will not be effective if the aim is not correct. In a conversation with a friend I said that soon all drugs should stop working. First the drugs will stop working, and then the immunity will not increase if a person has the wrong goal. It is very important to realise that the guide to our understanding and action is a visual image, a picture. We are controlled by the subconscious and our subconscious thinks in pictures. Therefore, if we are guided by thoughts then we will not succeed. A picture must be formed. In this regard I mainly developed my research through understanding and my pictures took a long time to form. I didn't pay much attention to the pictures. But the director in this film represents visual understanding of what to strive for. And this is very important. And this is an event with impact on the whole of civilization. If such a film appears then the trend begins to emerge. The trend of ‘love’ and ‘human change’. Some say that people have now begun to change. These changes are being felt by many and will be reflected in religion, art, in our daily lives. 


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