21 february 2024

A Doctor's Duty is to Help Not Just the Body, But Also the Soul

Internally, a doctor should have the main goal of teaching a person to love the Creator. Externally, the doctor should simply fulfill their duty.
A Doctor's Duty is to Help Not Just the Body, But Also the Soul

Reader's letter:

A surgeon writes to you. I would like to share a small experience. In your books, you write about how treating a disease often leads to it "slipping away." Treating a disease with medication is inefficient and even dangerous. In my relatively short medical practice (2 years), I have encountered such astonishing things.

Trying to cure a specific illness, I notice that the disease "slips away," and when the illness is cured, misfortune appears in the same place or nearby. Here are the last three cases that happened just in the last three months:

Patient V. came with a wrist joint disease. I treated her and gave several intra-articular injections. In the middle of the treatment, the patient fell and broke the same arm near the wrist joint. The initiated treatment had to be canceled, and her fracture had to be treated.

Patient N. came with a leg disease (circulatory disturbance and severe edema). I prescribed medications and immediately sent her to the pharmacy. On her way to the pharmacy, a dog bit her severely, leaving a wound on her ill leg. The patient had to be hospitalized because the severe edema before the bite and the extensive infected wound would have led to severe inflammation.

Patient K. injured his right leg with a grinder, and stitches were applied. About a month after fully recovering, the patient stepped on a fishbone with the same leg. Severe inflammation began. The patient was hospitalized, and surgery was performed on his leg. Additionally, he also has diabetes. Moreover, I started to notice that I gradually "catch" the ailments from the patients.

Your books talk a lot about this. I try not to let their problems and sufferings into myself, but apparently, something still goes wrong somewhere. How difficult it is for a doctor to learn to heal, rather than shifting the disease from one organ to another and onto themselves.

Thank you for your work.


Sergey Nikolaevich's reply:

There are two types of help. One can help feel the love for God. This is help to the soul. The second type of help is to give money, cure a disease, improve fate, i.e., help the body and spirit. It is commonly believed that a priest should help the soul, and a doctor should help the body and consciousness. Therefore, doctors and psychologists now face more and more problems, as people's souls are getting increasingly polluted.

It is known that anesthesiologists and dentists have the highest suicide rate among doctors. This is related to the high subconscious worship of life and lust. Internally, a doctor should have the main goal of teaching a person to love the Creator. Externally, the doctor should simply fulfill their duty. Thus, it is necessary to hold two opposing desires at the same time. The first desire is to turn to God and love. And the second is to earn money, professional development, honestly fulfill one's duty, help the patient. Why are there more and more problems with the soul?

This is not only the result of distorted priorities, not only the deplorable moral state of people. It is also the achievements of modern medicine. Recently, a Frenchman sued a pharmaceutical company. He was taking a very effective drug that helped get rid of Parkinson's disease. Diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, are actually a blockage of lust that has become dangerous for the soul. Here, pride and jealousy are in one bottle, so to speak. These diseases humiliate instincts, curb desires, and push the soul towards love, thus being the best medicine for the soul's salvation, protecting the soul from decay. And current medicine has learned to remove this protection.

The Frenchman took the medicine and felt a clear improvement physically. Then the following happened. He was irresistibly drawn to gambling, he experienced an irresistible sexual desire, which quickly turned him into a homosexual. The flaring lust, previously restrained by the disease, began to sweep away everything in its path. He lost all his money in the casino and went bankrupt. When the Frenchman finally realized that all this was the result of taking the pills, he sued the pharmaceutical company that did not warn about the side effects of such drugs.

I think medicine will soon learn to cure the main diseases of the century — cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and maybe even schizophrenia. Naturally, this will lead to the decay of the soul and threaten infertility in women since the future generation is linked to the human soul. I hope that part of the current population will start caring for the soul in time and will have a chance to continue the lineage. It seems that it will be the inhabitants of Russia.

S. N. Lazarov, «Experience of Survival», part 3

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