6 june 2024

About family and soul

A person is primarily a soul, then consciousness, and then a body. Family issues should be resolved based primarily on the interests of the soul, not the body.
About family and soul

Love is always a combination of two opposites. Attachment and detachment. Pain and pleasure. Softness and hardness. For love to exist between a man and a woman, there must be a difference in potentials. A man usually gravitates towards hardness, uncompromisingness, quick results, and external submission. A woman gravitates towards softness, unity, and gradual change. These two different tendencies, interacting, enrich each other.

Biologically, a man gravitates towards strategic vision and spiritual aspects, while a woman gravitates towards tactical forms of thinking. For her, the material is more important than the spiritual. At the same time, in feelings, a man behaves like a tactician, and a woman like a strategist.

In a normal family, there is a constant division of functions. This allows feelings to develop and love to be preserved. As long as the spouses strive for love, they work in opposite phases in all matters and relationships, complementing each other and developing opposites. And they become truly happy.

Long ago, when I looked at a man and a woman on the energy level, I was struck by the fact that there is practically no difference between them. A woman has 52% female energy and 48% male energy, and a man has the opposite. A 4% difference determines whether it is a man or a woman.

And fifteen years later, I read this as a scientific discovery. The fact that women are becoming more masculine and men more effeminate worldwide only indicates that there is less love. A tense conflict can turn into mutual destruction. The less love in our soul, the more actively the concept of unisex will develop.

For a woman to become a woman and a man to become a man, each must have two opposites simultaneously in their soul. Previously, this was given by nature: the situation forced the woman to be weak on the external level and the man to be strong. Continuous wars and deprivations made people believe in God and feel absolutely defenseless before the Creator. This internal defenselessness before the Almighty gave rise to love, which made a man and a woman opposites.

As soon as society became stable and prosperous through technical progress, the loss of love led to opposites becoming more alike and merging. The disintegration of families, infertility, homosexuality, various perversions—all these are links in one chain.

Families, like all of humanity, have only two options: either learn to do voluntarily what was previously forced, or disintegrate and die. Many young people, when creating families, turn to doctors and psychologists. In the last decade, the number of specialists in family matters has grown tremendously. And simultaneously, the disintegration of families has accelerated. The reason, it seems to me, is that science stands on completely incorrect positions regarding what a human being is.

Materialism works very well when you need to repair a car or launch a rocket into space. But a human being is primarily a soul, then consciousness, and then a body. Family issues should be resolved based primarily on the interests of the soul, not the body.

By denying the existence of the soul and asserting that consciousness is only a function of the body, scientists try to strengthen the family through proper sex and healthy eating. From this point of view, the family will be stronger the more living space there is and the higher the salary, the more square meters there are, and the more children there are.

Life shows the opposite: the better the material conditions, the faster families disintegrate. In families where both spouses have higher education, children with mental pathologies are more often born. Women with higher education give birth to fewer children.

To become a complete parent, to raise oneself as a parent, one must first take care of their soul. The soul lives by love. Where there is love, there will always be a normal family, healthy children, and fewer diseases.

S. N. Lazarev, «The Man of the Future. Raising Parents. Answers to Questions.»

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