11 june 2024

Aspiring to love

The main factor in raising children is the direction in which their parents move, the goals they strive for, and the meaning of life they profess.
Aspiring to love

If the soul loses its love for God and unity with Him, but the person maintains a kind disposition, their inner self remains pure and bright. What will this lead to?

It will lead to a state where development becomes impossible. However, if the loss of love results in the degeneration of the soul, leading to the emergence of devilish tendencies, and if the person begins to lose their mind while remaining conscious and physically healthy, it will become noticeable. Then, the person will try to return to love, and although it will be painful and tormenting, they will survive and have descendants.

If they wish to live only by positive emotions, that is, to indulge their instincts, they will still, after some time spent in comfort, be forced to return to love. But since the decay in such a case will be more severe, the suffering will also be greater.

Currently, in modern civilization, processes are taking place that the Bible calls devilry, that is, the loss of love and an increasing devotion to spiritual and material values. It is impossible to denounce or fight against this process. There is a tale about a man who defeated a dragon and then turned into one himself.

To fight against the dragon of Western democracy, which uses beautiful words about human rights to cover up licentiousness, immorality, and the loss of love, one must begin by changing oneself. The contemporary situation in the world is a verdict against superficial thinking.

Either we stay within its framework and watch as the noose around humanity’s neck slowly tightens, or we move to a new state and a new level of thinking. And then what Jesus Christ spoke about becomes not a religious or mystical fairy tale, but a real possibility to change, save oneself, and others.

In this book, so much attention is given to the spiritual state of parents because the main factor in raising children is the direction in which their parents move, the goals they strive for, and the meaning of life they profess. For a child, this is essential.

Another important factor is how parents behave, how they treat each other. Lastly, there is the life experience of the parents and other ancestors, their emotional and behavioral lineage.

What we usually call raising children, namely advice, moral teachings, and the cultivation of habits, from my point of view, only accounts for 5-10% of the influence on them. The rest is determined by the internal state and behavior of the parents. The most crucial experience is acquired by the child on the level of feelings, in the subconscious.

Therefore, I did not rush to move to practical advice, because any practice is built on the foundation of theory, and to transition to it, one must thoroughly assimilate this theory.

S.N. Lazarev, «The Man of the Future. Parenting by Parents. Part 1»

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