3 april 2024

Be happy!

When you feel that giving is much more pleasant for you than receiving, it will mean that for your soul, love and unity with God are more important than all other values.
Be happy!

Reader's question:

Thank you so much for your books and presentations!

Your recent research on the soul has been very helpful. It's as if the whole world around me is changing all at once.

Lately, it feels like every day is a test to maintain love in my soul.

Many acquaintances are passing away, including two children, aged 9 and 13.

I myself am a happy person, I have a good family, three children. I've been reading your books and watching your DVDs for ten years now. But lately, there's been some feeling of anxiety about the future. My eldest daughter has a mild stutter.

What should I work on?


Sergey Nikolaevich's response:

Stuttering is a humiliation of consciousness, that is, of the future.

Men more often rely on physical strength, while women rely on intuition.

Therefore, women, as a rule, better sense danger than men.

The trail of sins, stretching from your ancestors and from your youth, most likely affects the future of your children.

After all, on the subtle plane, time is one, so our problems in the past automatically mean problems in the future.

And since the future is created by our soul, it means we need to take more care of the soul - not only our own but also the souls of our children.

When you feel that giving, donating, and sacrificing are much more enjoyable for you than receiving, it will mean that you have an excess of energy in your soul, which means you do not lose love and connection with God.

And I wouldn't call progress in this direction work anymore. It's the realization of the opportunity to be happy.

S.N. Lazarev, «Experience of Survival 1»

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