26 march 2024

Contempt towards people can lead to various consequences

Human beings will inevitably lose everything they place above God.
Contempt towards people can lead to various consequences

Lately, the spiritual imperfection of humans has been resulting in increasingly severe consequences. If the soul becomes polluted, the person doesn't immediately fall ill, and neither do misfortunes immediately befall them. When the first «warning signs» arise, a person can, by changing themselves, rectify the situation.

External actions can alter the immediate situation; however, real control and change of what is happening occur primarily through internal influence, that is, working on the surrounding world through working on oneself.

Recently, there was a phone call at my home.

«You couldn't help cure my cat, could you»? I hear a woman's voice. «Her kidneys have failed, she can't get up anymore, and she's probably dying».

My initial reaction was irritation.

I don't have time to treat seriously ill patients, and now I'm supposed to be a cat specialist too. But then I stopped myself. The cat is dying, but judging by the diagnosis, the owner doesn't have much time left either. Let's treat the cat, thereby saving the owner's life in the process.

If an animal falls ill or dies, it means the same fate awaits the owner soon.

The next day, the woman comes to my workshop, but I have absolutely no time.

«We only have five minutes. Did you despise your father?»

«Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?»

«When the soul becomes attached to Earth, it becomes proud and aggressive. This can be determined by arrogance, contempt, grievances, and hatred.»

There is the first level of earthly things — what you can touch: food, a car, a country house, etc.

There is the second level of earthly things — family, a loved one, social status.

These values are higher, they are closer to the Holy Spirit, and the soul becomes more attached to them.

There is the third level — abilities, spiritual qualities, and wisdom.

Clutching onto wisdom is the greatest temptation because it brings much greater happiness than all other values.

Wisdom is the capital with which we can govern for many lifetimes.

Humanity has now reached a «red line,» and aggression born of attachment to wisdom is being blocked more rigidly than before. The cat has a deformed field around its head and kidneys. Clinging to wisdom breeds contempt, which originates in the head, thus causing suffering to the head. And since contempt quickly turns back on itself, the field around the kidneys becomes deformed, disrupting their function.

Suicide, which is a result of contempt towards people, initially affects the head, and then the urinary system. It's all because your field is the same as your cat's. You have a significant breakdown in the area of ​​your head, and your kidneys begin to deteriorate — albeit on a subtle level. Judging by your field, you don't have long to live, although externally you feel normal.

«But how can I help the cat?» the woman asks.

If you review your life, cleanse yourself through prayers and repentance, you will automatically save the cat. Women of your kind prioritized their loved ones and their wisdom over love for God. Therefore, for purification, they had to receive fathers and husbands who behaved foolishly, demeaned themselves, or offended and humiliated their wives and children. If women didn't despise and condemn, their souls would have been purified. But the opposite happened to them and to you.

«Okay, I understand», the woman nods. «I am reassessing my life and changing my attitude towards all events and people.»

But how do I know if I've improved, whether I have a chance to survive? In our family, through the female line, everyone died from kidney failure.

«Your indicator is at home — it's your cat. Remember: prayer and repentance. Come back in a couple of days, and we'll check your field.»

Two days later, she returns to me. Our meeting lasts 10 seconds.

«Your field is clean», I inform her, «be well.»

«And you know», the woman smiles, «when I returned home, the cat greeted me at the door, and her kidneys started working the next day.»

S.N. Lazarev, «Karma Diagnostics 2»

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