21 march 2024

How to Help Your Children?

There is a powerful mechanism for penetrating the subconscious, to any depth. This mechanism is called love.
How to Help Your Children?

A reader's question: My son has chronic tonsillitis, adenoids, and a stutter. Who is the author? I work a lot on myself, practically know Your books by heart. Please advise, what's the catch, why can't I help my son?


Sergey Nikolaevich's response: Your readiness to go through a traumatic situation, judging by your handwriting, is still at a minimum. You have overcome hatred, jealousy, and grievances. But you will not want to live if you are humiliated as a woman. If a woman shows a burst of unwillingness to live as a harsh rejection of a traumatic situation, within a few days serious harm can be inflicted not only on children but also on grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And your child automatically switches off from love through fear, disbelief in oneself, and unwillingness to live in any painful situation.

This means that both his consciousness and desire need to be slowed down. Slowing of consciousness occurs through stuttering. Desire is inhibited by the deformation of thyroid, heart, and lung functions. Frequent tonsillitis indicates being easily offended.

Take any situation that occurs to you soon. If you experience fear, condemnation, or despair at the moment of trouble, your prayers for your child are unlikely to help. As long as there is aggression towards children, that is, towards the future, you cannot help them — that's the first point. Secondly, in recent years I increasingly see patients who, having read my books, have completely put themselves in order. They have a perfect clean aura.

But they can't do the same for their children. The thing is, to cleanse the souls of children, you need to cleanse yourself on a much finer level. And for our harmony to penetrate those layers, it sometimes takes decades.

I started looking for ways to accelerate this process. It turns out that for 2 months a year — in March and April — the future depends on us, and our serious work during this period can accomplish a lot. I also noticed that the program of self-destruction, unwillingness to live, unfolds unnoticed, and its consequences are much more severe than offense, jealousy, and hatred. Especially in women.

That's why I emphasize that the mechanism of repentance must be undergone repeatedly before prayer, when we turn to God and ask for aggression towards love through unwillingness to live to leave our soul. Another important point. When a person is fasting, is alone, disconnected from problems, prayer is more effective, changes go deeper into the subconscious.

But there is an even more powerful mechanism for penetrating the subconscious, at any depth. This mechanism is called love. When we fall in love, the subconscious opens to a great depth. And our correct behavior can cleanse not only us but also descendants up to the 7th, 10th, and 15th generation. And vice versa, naturally. Therefore, the main moments to remember from your life are those associated with your being in love.

S.N. Lazarev, «Diagnostics of Karma 8»

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