17 april 2024

How to Help a Person Who Is Self-Righteous?

The more energy the soul receives, the more dangerous the improper use of this energy becomes. Spring is a stage of preparing the soul to meet God.
How to Help a Person Who Is Self-Righteous?

Recently, one of my acquaintances had such a story. He encountered very serious health problems. He had to reread my books anew and truly feel what they were talking about.

The situation was critical, but he managed to make a breakthrough and change. After that, the illness disappeared, but, as often happens, he changed only superficially. He himself felt that what had happened was more like a postponement. He attended a seminar, but after the seminar, he began to feel unwell. When he tried to read my books, his condition started to worsen.

Three months later we met, and I was struck by his unhealthy appearance. His face became deathly pale, he lost about 20 kilograms because he could hardly eat anything. When I looked at his condition on a subtle level, I realized that it was a matter of life and death. He ended up unintentionally fasting, but in the worst-case scenario.

The cause of his condition was a powerful self-destruction program. He attended seminars and read books, hoping to improve the situation, but at the same time, he hardly changed. As a result, he got caught in a trap: on the one hand, he turned to God, but on the other hand, he was self-righteous with regards to morality, decency, ideals and status, rather than putting love in first place.

In simple terms, the values ​​of the soul and spirit were more important to him than love for God. What he did not want to do voluntarily began to happen involuntarily, but he could not accept this involuntary purification on a subconscious level. As a result, the self-destruction program gained momentum.

«You tried to forgive the people through whom you were given purification», I explained to him,  "but you couldn't do it. You haven't learned to see the Divine Will in what is happening, so you involuntarily blame people for all your troubles. You don't feel love for God, so it's too early for you to keep saying that love for God is the greatest happiness. First, learn to accept the Divine Will in everything. You can simply repeat that you accept the Divine Will, that everything happens by the Will of the Creator and is aimed at the development of our soul and love in our soul."

«By the way, have a glass of red wine. For the past three months, you have been living in continuous stress, and you need some positive emotion right now. I don't advise getting carried away with drinking, but in the current situation, I consider it advisable.»

«Maybe I should fast again»? he asked.

«You shouldn't fast now because there is aggression in your soul.»

The more intense the detachment from the body and the mind, the more energy the soul receives. And if the soul is aggressive, the more energy it receives, the more aggressive your subconscious becomes. Such fasting can lead to illness and death.

Do you know why the disciples of Jesus Christ did not fast? He wanted to show them that fasting only for the body and the mind is meaningless and can be harmful.

Why did Christ rebuke the Pharisees for fasting with sad faces? It is explained as follows. How did the Jews of that time reason?

«God commanded me to fast, that is, to abstain from food, from pleasures. The more severe my fasting, the more I suffer, the more pleasing it will be to God to see what sacrifice and feats I perform for Him. And then He will take away my sins. So, the more I suffer and the more noticeable my suffering is, the more sins God will remove from me.»

And Christ gave a new model of fasting. We detach ourselves from the human - in order to attain the Divine.

For Christ, communion with God did not evoke fear, oppression and self-depreciation, but rather a sense of love and happiness.

So the understanding of the essence of fasting has changed. If previously the meaning of fasting was in suffering, deprivation and hopes for redemption of sins, now the essence of fasting has become love and happiness. Moreover, happiness did not consist of fulfilling desires, seeking pleasure or indulging in various delights. Happiness lay in the opposite: in renouncing desires, pleasures and delights.

Communication with God brought more happiness than interaction with the surrounding world.

Why shouldn't children fast? Because children live with their souls. They have love, so pain, loss and detachment are not needed for them.

The meaning of fasting is to feel love for God, and to experience this, the soul must open up. And most importantly, do not renounce love, forgive, overcome offenses, condemnation, despondency, dissatisfaction with your fate. Christ made it clear to his disciples: strict fasting for the body, external detachment are useless and harmful if the soul continues to condemn, fear and despond.

After all, fasting is needed for a person to open up to God.

Sins are indeed made up for through suffering, but to a minimal extent because suffering cannot completely change a person. Through repentance, however, significant opportunities for overcoming sins are opened up, as the essence of repentance lies in changing oneself, one's character

and behavior.

The most significant opportunities for overcoming sins, however, are provided by love. Love unites us with God, and since God is sinless, by strengthening our unity with Him, we become purified. Divine love provides the best opportunities for changing a person.

The essence of fasting is to become happy, attaining primary and paramount happiness. It is precisely for this reason that one can forsake all other desires and pleasures. Nowadays, many attempt to fast based on considerations of health if not faith, but fail to understand that fasting should be approached with a sense of love and happiness, tuning into complete acceptance of the Divine will, realizing that every situation works for love, eliminating the slightest fears, regrets, and grievances. Then physical and spiritual restraint will strengthen love rather than destroy it. It all starts with love, not with a piece of bread. Recall the Bible, where it is said, «Man shall not live by bread alone...»


I am often asked why people with diabetes cannot fast, why chronic diseases exacerbate in spring - not only physical, but also mental. Science still cannot provide clear answers to these questions.

What happens on the subtle plane? In the subconscious mind of a person, summer and winter are perceived as life and death. The greatest release of energy occurs at birth and death. Spring is a kind of birth, while autumn reminds of decline, death. Therefore, it is crucial where the free energy is directed during these periods.

If in spring and autumn if we think about God, then soul purification occurs. However, if in spring we cling to pleasure, and in autumn fall into depression, it harms our souls, and the tendency to renounce love is passed on to our offspring. From childhood, I remember the ubiquitous phrase: «Spring is the season of love.»

There are ingrained stereotypes - in spring, one should start new romances, seek sexual adventures - this is considered quite natural. In fact, spring should be one of the stages of falling in love with the Creator. The thing is, during this period, a person opens up to new energy of the future.

If this energy is used to increase love for God, the person's dependence on lust, life, desires sharply decreases, thereby overcoming the tendency of attachment to pleasure. Therefore, in the following months, a person will sin less, be less prone to passions, and along with passions, his jealousy, anger, envy, and greed will decrease. In other words, the right attitude towards spring fasting purifies the soul and prevents future illnesses and misfortunes at their inception.

Why does schizophrenia worsen in spring? The thing is, the instinct for procreation is stronger than even the instinct for self-preservation. This is logical and necessary for the strategic survival of living beings. The incoming Divine energy is primarily directed towards the instinct for procreation, that is, towards sexual feeling. Fasting and prayer help transform sexual feeling into love - from animal to human, and then to Divine. When a person does not indulge in their sexual desire and, if possible, restrains it, they help the animal energy to transform into the Divine.

Schizophrenia is worship of lust. In spring, when new energy arrives, subconscious lust intensifies, which is restrained by the exacerbation of schizophrenia.

Autumn is a period of subconscious collapse of desires and cravings. For a person dependent on them, this period can be very painful. The exacerbation of schizophrenia also hinders this process.

The more energy the soul receives, the more dangerous is the improper use of this energy. In many ways, spring can be considered as preparation for what is called the «Kingdom of God» or the «Judgment Day».


The incoming energy of love divides people into two camps: for some, there is an intensified longing for God and love for Him, while for others, there is lust, passion, and aggression, leading to unhappiness, illness, and death.

Why is there a long fasting period established in Christianity in spring? The energy that comes at the beginning of spring impulsively excites animal and human instincts. It's similar to withdrawal symptoms in alcoholics and drug addicts. People give up their habitual pleasures, and their souls suffer and demand everything back.

Illnesses worsen in spring because desires and animalistic cravings are intensified. For those who fast periodically, it's easier to overcome these temptations and shift human logic to Divine logic.

Why does allergy appear in spring? This is another question that science cannot answer. First, let's consider how allergies manifest. Mostly, it's nasal congestion and skin rashes. Both are a suppression of subconscious desires. Our ancient ancestors derived pleasure through smell, taste, and touch. Nasal congestion reduces olfactory and gustatory activity, while skin problems diminish the pleasure of touch. In simpler terms, a person with a stuffy nose and skin problems isn't inclined towards sexual fantasies. Our subconscious tries to save us from desires that stray us from love.

Why do many children have allergies nowadays? Because mothers instill in their children a mechanism of renunciation of love for the sake of pleasure. Love departs, energy decreases, and instead of getting healthier in spring, children fall ill and suffer from allergies. Rich food with flavor additives that stimulate appetite also negatively affects the soul. Therefore, many children develop allergies as a protective function after consuming «Coca-Cola», «Fanta» or powdered juices.

Now, about diabetes. Subconscious desires and sweet cravings, binding the soul to life and desires, make a person proud and jealous. Those who constantly overeat and consume a lot of sweets quickly develop diabetes because such a diet intensifies desire manifold.

By the way, scientists have found that frequent consumption of sweets causes a decrease in testosterone in men—the male hormone responsible for potency and masculinity.

How to save a person whose subconscious desire has overshadowed love? Food needs to become poison for them, a potential source of death. It is necessary to accelerate this process, and then the person will subconsciously feel that worshipping desire leads to death.

Diabetics are advised to eat meat, dairy products, which consume the energy of passionate desires. Therefore, fasting or starvation become unbearable agony for diabetics and can lead to death. The soul imposes on the body a mechanism of attachment to desires. At the soul level, renunciation of love in favor of desire occurs imperceptibly and brings pleasure. The same process, when descended to the level of the body, is not just visible and tangible—it leads to torment, suffering, and death.

Therefore, the main fasting for a diabetic is not in food restriction but in limiting pleasures and indulgences.

This limitation or abstention is not only from sex but also from alcohol, smoking, and everything else that is considered bad habits. It is a renunciation of condemnation, jealousy, envy, offense, and despondency. It is a tune towards love and prayer.

Many of my diabetic patients, after beginning to pray, noticed that dietary restrictions, and even fasting, are now easier to endure and do not lead to such torment.

When the soul becomes alive, then the body also becomes easier. By the way, venereal diseases, which spread massively in Europe after the Renaissance era, also aimed at saving the soul.

When a person contracts a venereal disease, they involuntarily start associating pleasure, lust, with illness and suffering subconsciously.

In principle, every person in spring should abstain from alcohol. The danger of alcohol lies in dulling higher feelings, turning them into base ones.


In simple terms, alcohol turns love into lust. Therefore, it is very dangerous for young people. Alcohol consumption before conception can not only physically harm the future child but also close their soul to love and faith. Alcohol consumption contributes to the birth of sinners and criminals.

The Apostle James spoke about the unity of all commandments, that all commandments are interconnected, and violating one commandment inevitably leads to the violation of others. A lustful person will sooner or later begin to steal, get drunk, or take drugs. One who starts stealing cannot resist lust and alcohol and will eventually descend into complete corruption. A person who drinks is much more likely to steal and engage in various perversions. All of this together destroys the soul and morality.

But it is well known that big money is earned precisely on the interests of the body and consciousness, which promotes the propagation of debauchery and destroys the soul. Naturally, this trend should lead to the demise of nations, states, and civilizations.

However, if every person understands the need to take care of the soul and starts with elementary rules of abstention, it can help not only themselves but also those around them, not only their children but also all of humanity.

Representatives of religious denominations can do a lot in this direction. Both in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, there is a fairly accurate description of how a defiled, immoral soul leads a person to lust, theft, drunkenness, and homosexuality.

If the clergy of all religions were to unite in the fight for morality, it could bear beautiful fruits.

In this regard, Islam takes a worthy position with its intolerance towards theft, lust, and alcohol.

By uniting on moral principles, representatives of religions could re-educate our troubled state and make its citizens healthy and happy.

Let's return to fasting. In the past, while trying to abstain, I still diversified my food and tried to make it more delicious and appealing.

Only recently did I realize that during fasting, one should not eat, but satisfy hunger. Food should not be a source of pleasure, but a means of satisfying hunger, nothing more. Then, instead of thoughts about lunch and dinner, there will be a sense of freedom and joy.

By the way, my acquaintance, who lost 20 kg, couldn't eat anything and hardly slept for almost three months, after our conversation slept for three days, completely exhausted. Restrictions became not a torment for him, but an opportunity to fully accept the Divine will, see it in everything happening, accept it as the highest good, and forgive everyone.

So fasting is primarily for the soul.

S. N. Lazarev, «Survival Experience 1»

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