16 april 2024

We Need to Thank the Creator for Everything

To thank the Creator for everything, to see His will in everything that happens. When we change in the present, then our past changes, and simultaneously - our future.
We Need to Thank the Creator for Everything

Reader's letter:

A huge thank you for the books! I have been reading them for a long time. But the last three books came into my life in May, and everything turned upside down for me. I found God within myself! It was the discovery of my entire life. At that moment, you realize how stuck we are in this life with our problems, desires and living almost like zombies. We are all truly united, and in this life there are no guilty parties. I was so happy that I wanted to share this feeling with everyone.

At that time, my husband and I were arguing all the time. And when he came home, he asked, «What has changed»? And he was smiling and he didn't want to argue anymore.

There is still a lot and a lot of work on myself. I would like to ask about something. When I pray to our Lord to help me remember all my offenses against love, my head becomes fuzzy and can't remember anything. I understand that I cannot progress in working on myself. I'm not making progress, even though I inherited a lot of problems from my mother.

And why does my younger son always smile from ear to ear when he is scolded, especially at college? That's when our problems start with the teachers. Although he is always happy and very kind. But the teachers think he is sometimes «out of it».

My older son is an atheist. But lately, he has been initiating conversations with me about God. And he goes to church.

My husband started reading your books, trying to change his worldview. But he cannot work on himself. He says we need to feed the family, and you - work on yourself.

And I stopped taking communion, I don't believe in priests. I can't confess. At the last confession, after my phrase «I found God within myself», the priest's face was in shock. Now I don't take communion.

Thank you for showing us the way, and scold us - it helps more than sweet treats. I wish you success, and keep writing books, they are very needed for all of us.


Sergey Nikolaevich's response:

A well-known theologian and teacher at the Moscow Theological Academy once said that ritual should not be the foremost concern. Neither baptism, nor confession, nor communion in themselves grant grace to a person. First and foremost, the individual must personally feel the need for God and for love.

«Judas partook from the hands of Jesus Christ Himself, and at that moment Satan entered into him», the theologian said.

Any ritual is merely a means to help attain love. I fully agree with this point of view.

If prayer, communion, and confession do not help us feel love and light in our souls, it likely means that we are praying not for love but for health, well-being, or the fulfillment of our desires.

Followers of Christ often forget the essence of what he said.

«The kingdom of God is within you», meaning that one can address God directly, without intermediaries. This is what Christ tried to teach people, and for this, religious officials despised him. However, alongside the fading processes, one can now see a desire for salvation, for finding truth, for understanding what Jesus Christ preached.

And to recall one's sins and concentrate on them is not necessary. And to feel hatred towards sin, as many priests teach, I think, is also not worth it. After all, sin is the loss of love in the soul. It is  the loss of love that leads to transgressions and crimes.

We need to learn to love. We need to thank the Creator for everything, to see His Will in everything – then there is no need to dig into the past. When we change in the present, then our past changes, and simultaneously – our future.

So, your not remembering helps you find the right path. This is a gift from above, it is assistance, and you perceived it as a problem that hindered you. We simply live according to stereotypes, within the framework of familiar images. Inside, we know that we consist of love, but outwardly we convince ourselves otherwise.

Outside, they try to educate us with fear and dependency, but where there is love, there is no fear. Christ taught love and fearlessness. And when priests speak of the fear of God, people are often drawn to atheism.

When love in the soul becomes constant, then naive, superficial religious misconceptions will gradually give way to more harmonious concepts – they have been known for two thousand years, but we are only beginning to understand them now.

S.N. Lazarev, «Experience of Survival 6»

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