2 april 2024

Living with soul

A person either evolves, drawing closer to God, or moves away from Him, gradually deteriorating spiritually.
Living with soul

Often, oncological diseases occur in people who do not know how to make sacrifices. What is a sacrifice? It is a voluntary loss of something for the sake of love. We are willing to sacrifice our time, money, and strength out of compassion, which is close to the feeling of love, out of a sense of unity, out of a desire to help. The willingness to sacrifice is the willingness to suppress one's human «self» and pave the way for the divine «self».

A sacrifice is to some extent self-destruction for the sake of love, and when a person sacrifices, their impulse towards God and love grows manifold. And since the Almighty is the source of everything - health, prosperity, happiness, and life itself, ultimately, continuous striving towards Him helps us to have all of these.

A person inclined towards consumption, internally selfish, rigid, and selfish, if they do sacrifice, it is not out of love, but for status, for self-aggrandizement. Such a sacrifice is futile.

That is why Christ said, «But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you openly».

This means that when you make a sacrifice, you cannot even internally boast about it, alone with yourself, otherwise it turns out that you sacrifice for the sake of increasing your own significance. And one should sacrifice for love.

What is loss, betrayal, deception?

All these are forced sacrifices, a push towards development, towards love. As much as love ignites in a person's soul when faced with any problem, that's how protected they are from above. External protection is through a person's active actions, while internally we protect ourselves with love.

The most dangerous emotions and feelings are associated with the most significant losses. If a person loses money, they feel saddened and resentful towards fate. But they understand that money comes and goes, so the resentment doesn't penetrate deeply. If a person is deceived, if they experience the collapse of hopes, the collapse of the future, it will cause a stronger pain, and coping with such loss will be harder. In this case, resentment remains in the soul longer and sinks deeper into the subconscious. And if our highest feelings are offended, if a loved one betrays us or dies, then the pain of the soul becomes much more profound, and then resentment can lead to serious illnesses.

I constantly talk about the need to stop relying on consciousness. Consciousness provides a very approximate picture of the surrounding world, and when something doesn't fit into it, the desire to defend oneself arises immediately, and aggression flares up. Therefore, a person living by consciousness is always aggressive, whether they want it or not.

Our soul is connected to the subconscious, it knows the future and is ready for any stresses. Therefore, a person living by the soul is not only much happier than one living by consciousness, but they are also more viable. But there is a catch: everything has to be paid for. When a person lives by the soul, possessing the main treasures - the treasures of the soul, they must know how to lose them.

The Bible says that a person who places something above God must lose it. In order to live by the soul, love for God must be much more intense than for those who live only for money or the future. As much as a person can maintain love in their soul when losing the values of the soul, that's how much they have the right to be happy. But not everyone understands this.

Many try to live by the soul, but when they face trials related to the pain of the soul, with forced sacrifice, they cannot endure these trials. If after this, very strong aggressive emotion is formed in a person's subconscious, it will be difficult for them to return to the priority of the soul. If they again start living by the soul, the mechanism of self-destruction or destruction of others will be activated in them, and a serious illness will appear. A person who commits a crime against love is forced to live by consciousness.

Ultimately, accumulated aggression lowers them to an even lower level - they start living only for bodily interests. And then, following the principle of Sodom and Gomorrah, death comes. A person either evolves, drawing closer to God, or moves away from Him, gradually deteriorating spiritually. At first, a person loses the wealth of the soul, then - the wealth of the spirit, associated with the future, and eventually, they lose physical health.

S.N. Lazarev, «Cure for All Diseases»

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