4 june 2024

Our feelings create our future

Currently, many people have their bodies and minds in great shape. No one wants to witness the death of souls. Perhaps it’s time to awaken?
Our feelings create our future

Our feelings at this very moment create what we call health and destiny. The experiences of the past have a significant impact on our feelings. By changing our attitude towards the past, we can change the present and the future.

In my desire to help people, I rely on the experience of the last twenty years of research. I write books so that people can understand me better. I conceived the book «Raising Parents» as a manual with clear recommendations, but during the process, I found that it was practically impossible. If a person does not understand the main truths, any rituals, techniques, and methods can only lead them away from a proper understanding of the world.

Some readers, while reading my books, try to extract only one thing: which prayer to recite and what to do to get well. For them, the main goal is recovery. Many forget that it is precisely now, at this very moment, that one must start changing, that one must learn to love and feel the Creator's will in everything that happens.

But as soon as the future becomes more important to us than the present, love disappears. Then both the present and the future are destroyed, and the person is left with no choice but to rely on love.

«Look», I say, the sun is shining, we see sunlight, and we feel a sense of happiness. We rejoice at the sunlight and consider it a blessing. But if you think about it, sunlight is half composed of darkness. Between the light quanta is a black void, but we do not see it. We see the shining light and feel joy because the portions of light come frequently. When a person has a lot of love in their soul, there is a need to give love and energy. Then the whole world around them glows and looks beautiful.

When there is little love in the soul, the portions of light come rarely, and instead of light, we begin to see a black void. We say that the world is dark, cruel, and ugly. But the more we want to receive and the less we want to give, the darker the world around us becomes, and the more grievances, complaints, and judgments our soul generates. Those who do not learn to love cannot forgive and cannot overcome regret, which drains energy. Their condemnation lasts not minutes, but years.

«Do you know who needs the external forms of religiosity?» I continue. Those who do not want to change, for whom change is too painful. The more religious paraphernalia, rules, and rituals there are— the more lushly the form grows—the weaker the content becomes, meaning the pure desire for unity with the Creator. In Judaism, there are 613 commandments. These are like crutches, techniques for approaching the Creator. But if the first commandment about love for the one Creator as the highest value is not fulfilled, the rest of the commandments become bare techniques and, while outwardly bringing one closer to the Creator, can lead one away from Him.

Any technique is performed for something, any actions have a purpose. We live for something as well. But if we forget what we live for, no matter which direction we move in, we begin to lose everything and self-destruct. I ponder. If a person does not overcome dependence on the future, the energy of love will be depleted. Civilization in that case is doomed.

It seems I have started to grasp the mechanism of salvation, but much is still unclear to me. If we do not solve this main, fundamental issue, is there any point in talking about how to better adjust relationships between parents? Does it make sense to give recommendations for comfortable communication to passengers on a sinking ship? Of course, you can start a dispute among passengers, settle an argument that has arisen, but it is probably better to first think about salvation and survival.

Currently, many people have their bodies and minds in great shape. No one wants to witness the death of souls. Perhaps it’s time to awaken?

S. N. Lazarev, «The Man of the Future. Raising Parents 2»

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