Subconsciousness and Destiny
27 march 2024

Subconsciousness and Destiny

All information about a person and their destiny is encoded in their field, with a dialectical connection existing between field and physical structures, as well as their mutual influence on each other.

I have often heard about the power of curses, about how they can be inherited within a family. In literature, you can find numerous examples of this. A case described by H.P. Blavatsky in the book «From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan», which I read in the 1970s, made a profound impression on me.

In one of the villages in India, Blavatsky conversed with a descendant of a once powerful king, who shared the following story. During one of his journeys, the king, as was customary, generously bestowed gifts upon the sages, but he forgot to give a gift to one of them, who, deeply offended, cursed the king. In horror, the king threw himself at the sage's feet, begging for forgiveness. And here is the most interesting part, in my opinion.

The sage replied that it was too late: the curse had begun to take effect, and it could not be stopped — the king would lose his throne, but the sage would try to preserve his life and the lives of his descendants.

And indeed, it happened later: the king lost his throne, and his descendants were scattered throughout India.

My path in bioenergetics involved acquaintance with magical practices, witchcraft, methods of folk healers, and shamans. I traveled extensively across the country, studying them. Each time, analyzing new information, I sought to find the root cause, to understand what was the source of family misfortunes, why phenomena such as a dying lineage, hereditary diseases, existed...

It was perfectly clear to me that genes could not be the source of this information — it must be preserved and transmitted to descendants primarily through the field. When this conviction reached a certain level, all that was left for me to do was to find in the human field structures that perform this task: preserving and transmitting information from generation to generation.

These structures, in whose existence I firmly believed, I called Stable Informational Groupings, and since the mid-1980s, I had been persistently trying to detect them in the human field. I succeeded in doing so in the early 1990s. One day, at the First Medical Institute, one of the psychics approached me asking for help with a complex case.

The patient's energy field was torn apart; after treatment, it would temporarily restore, only to have the rupture reappear. What happened next could be described as an enlightenment.

The loose, «cottony» field of the patient, which I had previously perceived as emptiness, unexpectedly became elastic; I felt it responding to my intrusion. With my hands, I felt powerful structures passing through the field rupture.

Instantly, my perception completely changed: what had previously been perceived as a rupture became, for me, a stable structure causing the deformation of the field, through which energy loss occurred.

I realized that I had found in the field what we call «disease», what determines a person's physical condition.

This was a qualitative change in my knowledge, as now there was the possibility to diagnose diseases before their manifestation on the physical level, that is, not only to treat but also to work preventatively.

I decided that it was possible to create a group of operators, to train them in the method, and to engage in the preventive treatment of many diseases, for which no medications would be required. Only a good mastery of the method would be necessary. Blessed is he who believes...

I treated for a year and believed that these structures determined only the condition of the body. But gradually, facts began to accumulate that did not fit into this notion. During treatment, people's characters and even destinies noticeably changed. Analyzing these changes, I noticed that character, destiny, and disease were somehow interconnected, but this connection was multivariate.

The observed deformations of field structures manifested differently: they could be various diseases, mental deviations, pathological character deformations, traumas, life failures. Deeper investigation of these facts led me to the conclusion that a person's health, character, and even destiny are determined by karmic structures.

All information about a person and the state of their body is encoded in the field, with a dialectical connection existing between field and physical structures, as well as their mutual influence on each other. The destiny and character of a person are also encoded in field structures, so if they are influenced, many things can gradually be improved. The longer I explored all this, the more astonishing facts emerged.

I will try to uncover the range of possibilities of the method through examples of treating various diseases, correcting complex life situations, demonstrating the method's capabilities through testing events, inanimate objects, and other research.

S.N. Lazarev, «Karma Diagnostics 1»

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