7 june 2024

Taking the first step

The loss of the feeling of love in the soul is the primary transgression, followed by the disregard for all commandments and the loss of the future in all its forms.
Taking the first step

Taking the First Step
In Judaism, there are 613 commandments, and there are ten from which all of them derive. Since the world is one, all ten commandments must originate from one main commandment. If we do not observe the first commandment, we will violate the other ten as well.

«Tell me», I address the audience, «how is sin different from a crime?»

After a brief pause, I continue:
«Sin is a future crime. First, a person loses their connection with God, then they begin to sin, then they commit crimes, then they fall ill and die. Sin is a crime against God. The commandments given through Moses allow everyone who follows them to preserve their future.

Let's consider the ten commandments in this aspect. Please list all the commandments for me». After some pause, the slow process of recalling begins. «Interesting», I think, «neither in Russia, nor in Ukraine, nor in Israel can anyone properly remember the main commandments. Then what is religion for? To mindlessly attend the temple and beg God for various blessings?!»

«So, the first commandment», I say, «states that God is one. How does it help a person survive in the future?»

The audience falls silent.

«Look at what happened in India. The first and most powerful impulse comes—the Indian philosophy speaks of the absolute primary cause. Over time, the impulse weakens, and several incarnations of the One God appear: the creator god, the destroyer god, the god who maintains the balance of the universe, and so on. More time passes, the energy decreases, and an even greater number of various gods appear. Now, in Hinduism, there are over three hundred million pagan gods, while the country's population today is about a billion people.

When we feel that the Creator is absolutely one, to emulate Him, we must compress the entire universe into a point. Unity with the Creator is the goal of development for any being. Can one pursue several goals at the same time? No! You will simply stop immediately. Paganism does not allow one to reach a high energy level. A pagan cannot receive the highest energies of the Creator and, therefore, has no future. Remember the Bible...»

But if you forget the Lord your God and follow other gods, worshiping and bowing down to them, I testify against you today (by heaven and earth) that you will surely perish. Like the nations the Lord (God) destroys before you, so you will perish for not obeying the voice of the Lord your God (Deuteronomy 8:19-20).

A people who worship pagan gods lose their strategic survival prospects because higher energies are inaccessible to them. Today, we see a thriving atheistic China and a rapidly developing pagan India. But we do not see how little remains of their old potential, which is being realized in the present.

The idea of the degradation of a living being that has lost the sense of monotheism is very well presented in the Old Testament, where there is a story about the fallen angel, that is, Satan, or the devil.

«Please tell me, which commandment did the devil break?» I ask, and after listening, I agree, «correct, the first and the second.»

As soon as the angel imagined himself above God, it meant that there were already two gods, thus violating the principle of unity. Breaking the first commandment automatically led to breaking the second: the angel idolized himself, his energy, his abilities, and his intellect. What feelings do you think the angel experienced before becoming the devil? After listening, I nod again:

«Absolutely right, a sense of superiority, security, and the loss of the sense that everything is united in God.»

So, as soon as we lose the sense of absolute unity of all things in the First Cause, which we call God, we develop a sense of our own significance, superiority, and we imperceptibly lose the highest energy of love. I told the audience how violating the first commandment inevitably leads to violating the others.

The first five commandments warn us against what is called sin, and their non-compliance gives rise to crime. We violate the main commandments not so much with our behavior, but with our inner state.

Anyone who cannot maintain love in the face of any humiliation of human happiness violates the first and second commandments.

Anyone who worships material well-being becomes greedy and cannot sacrifice.

Anyone who worships spiritual well-being becomes categorical, judgmental, and always feels right.

Anyone who worships the human soul and higher feelings cannot endure emotional pain, betrayal, and dishonorable treatment.

Without the feeling of love, any pain becomes unbearable, so the loss of the feeling of love in the soul is the primary transgression, followed by the disregard for all commandments and the loss of the future in all forms.

«I wonder what will happen to us in the next fifteen to twenty years», I think. «What depends on us, and what doesn't? Will we be able to embrace the new future? All this is ahead, but for now, we need to take the first step».

S. N. Lazarev, «The Man of the Future. The First Step into the Future.»

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