5 june 2024

The egoism of the soul is the loss of love for God

The more significant the truth, the more expansive it is, the more dangerous its misinterpretation.
The egoism of the soul is the loss of love for God

Recently, I was asked:
«What kind of person might develop cancer? How is this person different from others?»
«A tumor develops in someone who thinks like a cancer cell», I replied. «In someone who renounces love».

A person is composed of body, spirit, and soul. If they do not worship God, they will end up worshiping one of these three components. This is sin—the renunciation of God for the sake of the values of the body, spirit, and soul.

The sin of worshiping the body manifests as greed. The sin of worshiping the spirit appears as anger. The sin of worshiping the soul is called lust.

Worship creates attachment, attachment generates aggression, aggression accumulates and turns into self-destruction. This is the environment, the soil, on which cancerous tumors flourish.

Inner egoism, which manifests as the loss of love for God and the worship of the human «I», inevitably leads to a decrease in subtle energy and, consequently, to a weakening of the immune system.

What we call capitalism can be considered a cancerous tumor on the body of humanity, and this is a completely natural phenomenon that appeared in the post-Christian world about 400 years ago.

It seems that it happened as follows. One of the main postulates of any religion is the acceptance of Divine will. It is the realization that human will is secondary, that a person is part of an organism called the Universe.

First and foremost, one must rely on and accept Divine will, and only then think about one's own will. This is the principle of the thinking of a healthy cell, which lives and works for itself, recognizes its uniqueness, but always feels its secondary nature and obeys the organism. As soon as the will of the cell overshadows the will of the organism, the cancerous process begins.

In all world religions, there are concepts of Divine will and punishment for committed sins. Only God can forgive sins. A person can only behave correctly, follow the commandments, change for the better, thereby creating the possibility of forgiveness of sins. This perspective aligns with the laws of the Universe.

The more significant the truth, the more expansive it is, the more dangerous its misinterpretation. Christ showed that by changing oneself, a person can get rid of sins. Through love for God, a return to the Creator, and deep internal transformation, a person restores the energy of the soul and gets rid of many diseases. Selfish human nature saw this as a free pass, an opportunity to get rid of sins without doing anything. The forgiveness of sins practiced by priests was nothing more than a substitution of Divine will with human will.

Jesus Christ insisted that he should not be called all-good and sinless. What can be said about his disciples? Yet, the Pope is considered infallible. As far as I know, the Orthodox Church, as the body of Christ, is also considered infallible.

In the West, personal egoism thrived, while in the East, it was collective egoism. The final turn towards capitalism began during the Renaissance. As soon as the Catholic Church started absolving sins for money by selling indulgences, the subconscious of the believers interpreted it as follows: God is no longer needed, man has completely replaced God. One had to negotiate with the priest. Love and morality were no longer the main things; money, for which all sins could be bought off, became paramount.

Any living being, to survive and develop, must have a clear picture of a developing world. Without this model, it will perish. For human society, the main model of the world is given by religion. The scientific worldview cannot be deep and stable.

Five hundred years ago, we believed that the entire Universe revolved around the Earth. A hundred years ago, we thought that the electron was only a particle, and we did not suspect that our body could have not only a physical but also a wave nature. Moreover, when the physical shell is destroyed, the wave one, on the contrary, is activated. The religious worldview has long spoken about the soul, about the secondary and even tertiary nature of our physical shell. Whether people want it or not, they consciously or subconsciously perceive the world through the prism of religious views.

Atheists do so subconsciously, believers consciously. Naturally, people imitate those models and follow the notions that religion instills in them. The process that occurred in society with the advent of indulgences was described by Nietzsche a few centuries later in one short phrase: «God is dead». If love and morality are no longer the main beacons for a person, then society begins to change very quickly.

At the core of any economy lies money. Bankers control the flow of money. Until then, the amount of gold held in the bank and the amount of banknotes issued against this gold were approximately equal. Money was a real equivalent of goods and raw materials. After the moral weakening of bankers, neither religion nor the state could restrain them.

When the bank issues more securities than the real values it owns, it is deception and robbery of people. The banking system, from being the circulatory system of the economy, became a blood-sucking system. This inevitably led to the fact that the main banks of many countries turned into private entities, independent of the state.

Any trend turns into a function, and a function becomes an organ. The set of organs forms a living being. The current global cancerous tumor is desperately fighting for its existence and striving to survive by any means, relentlessly pushing humanity towards its doom. What is now called a consumer society in the West is the result of such a trend. The leader of consumption, that is, deception and robbery of its kind, became the United States of America.

It is no coincidence that there is the strongest opposition to religion, which defends love and morality, in the USA. It is no coincidence that the officially registered Satanic Church is located in the USA. It is in the USA that a movement is growing, claiming that Western democracy is impossible as long as Christianity exists.

Complete freedom from morality and ethics was already experienced in Sodom and Gomorrah. Now the same is to be witnessed by those living today. I shake my head, trying to dispel the gloomy thoughts. I see the darkening sky and distant lightning flashing. A winding mountain road begins. I need to be more careful. I try to switch my thoughts to another topic.

S. N. Lazarev, «The Man of the Future. Raising Parents 4»

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