29 march 2024

The main chance for the salvation of civilization

The most dangerous process of spiritual decay in society can only be overcome through the combination of science and religion. Then people will consciously and with understanding begin to relate to Divine commandments.
The main chance for the salvation of civilization
Through your efforts (books), Allah has led me to Islam. The path was thorny, but that's not the point. I like the formula of monotheism used in your lectures: «I am your one God». In Islam, it exists too, but it sounds differently: «La ilaha illallah» - «There is no deity except Allah».

Perhaps, the formula without the personal pronoun «I» leads people to a higher level of development?

I also like that you recommend not eating pork and even explain the reason well. You are also close to discovering the harm of alcohol and spirits.

I knew that in Islam it is forbidden food (haram), but I didn't attach much importance to it, I could eat products containing animal fat of unknown origin, chocolate, which often contains alcohol. And it was very difficult for me to fight my vices (sins, shortcomings).

Recently, our teacher of the basics of Islam told us that if a person eats haram (forbidden food), such as alcohol, pork, then they will definitely do something bad (displeasing to Allah).

I began to adhere more clearly to this rule, and you know, it became easier with my soul.

Regarding abortions, I completely agree with you. I also want to add from the works of Islamic scholars that anal sex with a woman is considered «minor homosexuality» and, like sex during menstruation, it is extremely harmful to the souls of both spouses.

With respect...

In principle, all monotheistic religions allow overcoming the dependence on body and spirit and realizing the importance of the soul. Thus, morality comes to the forefront, while money, food, and prosperity remain secondary.

Without monotheism, modern civilization could not have arisen, and its current crisis is related to people beginning to worship desire and pleasure in various forms. Pleasure has become more important than love. This trend has led to an obsession with sex, alcohol, gambling, smoking, and other forms of pleasure, which subtly destroy love. The harm of drunkenness and lust is mentioned in Judaism.

In Christianity, drunkenness, lust, and attachment to material prosperity are also condemned. This trend persists in Islam as well. But despite the simple and understandable recommendations laid out in the Sacred Books, people gradually lose the desire to adhere to them. Any tradition, if it is not understood, gradually fades away.

Islam is a relatively young religion, so moral principles are maintained there quite consistently. However, the trend of pursuing pleasures, passion leading to condemnation of others, and aggressiveness is also gaining strength among Muslims. It seems to me that this most dangerous process can only be overcome through the combination of science and religion. Then people will consciously, with understanding, begin to adhere to Divine commandments.

Then morality will cease to be merely a means to appease sins before God, to pride oneself on purity and despise others. Morality and love will become instruments of survival and salvation for people, as well as for their descendants.

Currently, there is a beneficial trend in the world. Science and religion are beginning to cooperate with each other in the understanding of God, in understanding how important faith, love, and morality are. This is the main chance for the salvation of our civilization.

S.N. Lazarev, «Experience of Survival 1»

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