27 may 2024

The main meaning of life

For a believing woman, the main meaning of life is love in the soul and unity with God; everything else is secondary.
The main meaning of life
Thank you for your work, for your books. You helped me start a new life.

A year ago, I had a bunch of health, family, and work problems.

Your books, CDs, and attending three seminars helped me be born again. All this happened within a year.

I learned to resolve conflicts without quarrels; in a year, I didn't quarrel with anyone.

I lost 14 kg, and my waist went from 83 to 63 cm.

Before, my husband could easily offend and humiliate me. And now he treats me tenderly and respectfully.

My children found work they love.

As for health, there are still problems only with the urinary system (thrush).

At 49, I no longer give up my place (I've become slim and younger-looking). Young people (20- and 30-year-olds) now notice me.

Work problems are easily solved (I'm in business).

Many wishes come true (I try to control them).

And that's not all, but I won't tire you.

I feel that the next year will be very challenging for me. I will continue to live with a sense of love in my soul.

For a believing woman, the main meaning of life is love in the soul and unity with God; everything else is secondary.

When faith weakens, motherhood comes first, which means giving birth to and raising children, relationships with a loved one, and family care.

If faith continues to weaken, personal beauty, sexuality, work, and a prosperous fate come to the fore.

And then comes the decay: the pursuit of all kinds of pleasures, indiscriminate sex, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, abandoned children, misfortunes, illnesses, and so on.

Judging by the handwriting, beauty and sensuality seem to be subconsciously more important to the author of the note than love. This leads to jealousy, fear of losing a loved one, despondency, and negatively affects the urogenital system.

If a woman constantly dresses brightly, provocatively, and seductively, if she looks at her husband primarily as a sexual partner rather than as a friend, then problems with the urogenital system are a normal occurrence.

Externally, you may have overcome this, but the tendency still exists in children and grandchildren. There are simply health problems that are more related to our descendants than to us.

Typically, incurable diseases or the inefficacy of drugs are related to issues that a person has passed on to their children and grandchildren.

And profound changes take time.

S.N. Lazarev, «Survival Experience. Part 6»

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