23 march 2024

The Process of Understanding the World

To understand anything, we must enhance our intuition. To enhance our intuition, we must strengthen our love for the surrounding world. And to strengthen our love for the world, we must increase our love for God.
The Process of Understanding the World

The information presented in the first book could have filled several large volumes, but I managed to compress it to the size of a brochure. Therefore, my books can be difficult to grasp at first. However, significant changes can occur, and when I am now told that after reading my books, one's character changes radically, I am no longer surprised. I am no longer surprised that many diseases go away. I am more surprised when they do not.

After the release of the third book, I thought that practically healthy people should come to see me. Indeed, people started coming whose character, health, and fate had changed. They needed to make sure they were acting correctly and to satisfy their purely cognitive interest. But gradually, patients began to appear who were clean, from the perspective of my previous studies, but something new was emerging. And this new thing turned out to be much more serious and dangerous than the attachment to relationships that caused jealousy and the attachment to abilities, intellect, perfection.

In my classification, this was called «attachment to the future». But for some reason, I could not remove it. Again and again, I returned to this theme. To avoid attachment to the future, one should not obsess over dreams and plans. One must understand that everything is determined by Divine will, and our will is secondary. I made new attempts to overcome the future, but nothing worked. The more love and knowledge you give, the more you receive. Therefore, it was during talks and lectures that I most often came to a new understanding of the problem.

And so, at a lecture in one of the Cultural Houses, I explain: Indian philosophy says that time is the basis of the surrounding world, time gives birth to everything. Time is divided into the past, present, and future.

The past is material. The future is spiritual. What we call matter, substance, is one of the varieties of time. This variety is called «the past». What we call «spirit», «field», «space», is also a variety of time, which is called «the future». The future is spiritual. The past is material. The present is spiritual-material. Love gives birth to spirit. Spirit gives birth to matter. Matter strives to unite with the spirit and return to love and to God.

Where does life begin? From what we call «homeostasis». The spatial, material, and energy regime changes. But inside the cell, changes follow a completely different pattern. The interaction of matter, space, and energy inside the cell differs from similar processes outside. That is, the temporal processes in the cell differ from the temporal processes in the surrounding environment.

For the cell to survive in the environment, it must control the state of matter, space, and energy around it! Let's return to the original chain. Love gives birth to information-field, i.e., spatial structures. Information, turning into matter, gives birth to energy. Energy transforms into matter, matter gravitates towards the accumulation of energy and information.

Control and interaction with material and spiritual structures is the possession of material and spiritual values. The higher the level of development of an organism, the higher the level of control over the surrounding time, i.e., space and matter. But spiritual and material values are recreated every fraction of a second by the feeling of love.

When the scale of material and spiritual values exceeds the reserves of love, what we call diseases, misfortunes of the organism begin. Then the accumulation of material and spiritual values stops and the orientation towards the accumulation of love increases.

Upon reaching a certain scale of material and spiritual values, the reserves of love must cross a certain threshold. And then space and matter fold into one point, the past, present, future, too. Everything turns into primal time and returns to the first cause.

The more material and spiritual values a person possesses, the stronger their control over the past and future. If there are certain limits of matter and space and their maximum values, then there is a maximum value of time. And when the personal time of a living being compares with the finite time, the development cycle is completed. The universe appeared first as a single whole, a single organism. This unity at the subtle level continues to be maintained.

Externally completely different living and non-living objects at the subtle level represent a single whole. Therefore, any object of the Universe at the subtle level has absolute unity with it. In simple terms, any material-spatial unit, regardless of its size, has complete information about the entire Universe. And therefore, it can be asserted that the Universe is built on the principle of a hologram. The Universe appeared as an informational-sensory impulse, as the unconscious. It can return to the first cause, turning into its opposite.

Spirit gives birth to matter. And as this process develops further, a greater amount of matter appears, more interconnections are formed in it, and matter becomes more intelligent. The living differs from the non-living by a much higher density of time, its concentration. But this density increases not due to the extension of space and the amount of matter, but due to informational connections, i.e., the strengthening of the intelligent aspect.

As the Universe evolves, it should become more intelligent, and individual consciousness, gradually uniting into group forms of consciousness, gradually increasing its scope, should reach the scale of the Universe. Since the Universe appeared as a single being, collective and individual consciousness were initially a single whole. As the Universe develops, the potential difference between collective and individual consciousness becomes greater.

But as the process goes on, the individual «I» tries to pull the surrounding world into itself. And it begins to show more signs of collective consciousness. The Universe, continuing to expand, begins to contract. And when the individual consciousness of each living being reaches the scale of the entire Universe, then individual and collective consciousness turns into a single whole. The highest personal and the highest impersonal become one, and the cycle ends.

The development process of the Universe itself is an impulsive, oscillatory process from material to spiritual and vice versa. Consciousness is the sum of material and spiritual aspects, with the underlying sensory. And the development of consciousness goes through 3 stages:

The first impulse is an increase in the feeling of love.

The second impulse is the strengthening of the spiritual aspect.

The third impulse is the logical material aspect.

In other words, first love, then intuition, and then logic. New understanding destroys old logical structures. Therefore, the destruction of spiritual structures, their destabilization is also a form of perceiving the new.

Therefore, the destruction, destabilization of the feeling of love for the surrounding world is a necessary condition for knowledge. And the greater the leap in knowledge intended for someone, the deeper the collapse of all foundations they must experience.

And depending on how strong the love for God is in this situation, the more secondary for the person become his physical, material shell, his spiritual structures, his sensory potential, the more he can rise to a new level.

Every person, like every living being, has a model of the surrounding world. The sensory model is more extensive but has greater inertia. The conscious model is less extensive, but the adaptation speed is higher. But no matter how perfect the consciously-sensory model of the surrounding world is, it will always be limited. And therefore, error, conflict with the surrounding world, and therefore, aggression and diseases are inevitable. The only real model of the surrounding world is the knowledge of the world through the first cause, i.e., through love for God. And when this love is a priority, in a critical situation, consciousness, entering into conflict with the surrounding world, does not collapse, does not perish, but is rebuilt, reaching new levels.

Therefore, illness, trouble, misfortune is a sign that our model of the surrounding world ceases to correspond to reality. To understand anything, we must enhance our intuition. To enhance our intuition, we must strengthen our love for the surrounding world. And to strengthen our love for the world, we must increase our love for God.

In the third book, I tried to divide all human values into three groups: material values, spiritual values, which included relationships, abilities, and intellect, and the third group I called «love for people and the surrounding world».

Then it turned out that love for people and the surrounding world is a finer layer of spiritual values, and it lies at the base of both relationships and intellect with abilities. Later it turned out that this is a form of extended contact with the future.

At that moment, I did not yet know that this is the most dangerous topic and that attachment to contact with the future is the main cause of severe mental illnesses, oncology, infertility, or sudden death.

S.N. Lazarev, «Diagnostics of Karma 4»

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