14 june 2024

What is evil and how do we fight it

We should talk not about eradicating evil, but about fighting it correctly.
What is evil and how do we fight it

Reader's Question: Please tell me why many women experience increased levels of male hormones during pregnancy?

Sergei Nikolaevich's Response: When a woman's level of male hormones increases, her jealousy decreases. This is because the «transformation» into the opposite gender often blocks the program of jealousy, hatred, and deification of the loved one. This leads to homosexuality and everything else. That is, if a woman is generally jealous, then during pregnancy, to avoid harming the child's soul, she might undergo various changes.

Question: What does it mean to be an «internally harmonious woman»? How do I know if I am harmonious? And how does a harmonious woman influence her husband and children?

Response: A harmonious woman is a woman who believes in God. She is loving and kind-hearted. A woman who, in any situation, can forgive and not experience fear or despondency.

Question: In one of the tapes of your lecture, I heard you say: «We can fight evil, but we cannot condemn evil». Is it necessary to fight evil if it is also a manifestation of the Universe, its Creator? Do you fight evil? In your opinion, does the Orthodox Church fight evil? And generally, should earthly passions be considered evil? After all, the concept of «evil» is relative and can turn into good.

Response: Imagine a child who misbehaves, breaks dishes, swears, and disobeys parents. This can be seen as a manifestation of evil. What is evil? It is the destruction of the connections that help a person develop, live, and exist. Primarily, evil is the destruction of love, and here a natural mechanism triggers in any case: whether we kill love in our own soul or in the souls of others. Thus, the fight against evil is twofold.

Firstly, we need to defend against the evil that can kill the ability to love; secondly, protect against the evil that destroys stable human connections, what we call life, culture, relationships.

What is the fight against evil? How can we deal with a child who misbehaves and breaks dishes? There used to be one viewpoint: evil must be destroyed. But evil is multifaceted and resides within us and our children. Therefore, the concept of «destruction» is senseless.

Thus, fighting evil implies education. The child needs to be given the love he lacks and must be limited in his desires and aggression. Restrictions can be verbal, or it may involve spanking.

This means we should not talk about eradicating evil, but about fighting it correctly.

S.N. Lazarev, «Karma Diagnosis 8»

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