9 june 2020

Dangers of Healers

Dangers of Healers

Dear Sergey Nikolaevich,

Thank you for your work! My mother and I have been reading your books since 1994, we often watch videos. Your first book made me a person of faith. My mother is more earthbound but she believes in your books.

Lately my mother has become fascinated by a method of healing called “Multidimensional Vibration Medicine”. In essence, it works by removing the causes of illnesses and problems on a vibrational level. I consider this technique to be very dangerous, also because it includes work with a pendulum.

I have repeatedly explained to my mother that one shouldn’t try to enter subtle planes without the correct paradigm or understanding of what you are doing there. I think the danger of this method is that a person enters into karmic relationships with astral-mental entities. They create the impression of omnipotence through real results in relieving the symptoms of disease. This increases pride and creates a false impression that you can outsmart God by simply removing the problems given by Him as a way of overcoming ignorance. This practice is akin to a drug for the ego.

Mom started feeling worse and even once used the pendulum to ask the “higher powers” ​​whether she should be doing this. She received the answer, “No!” For a time she dropped it, but then started up again. For many years I have begged my mother to quit, but it’s useless.

Two months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I think that among other things this is linked to my mother's actions. She alleviated the symptoms of some minor problems (for example for the first time in years my lumbar hernia stopped bothering me) and may, as you have said, have driven problems deeper to the level of the soul.

Now these problems are manifesting with greater force, as the real reasons behind them haven’t been dealt with. My spiritual teacher also speaks of this: if somebody removes a problem’s consequence with the help of a psychic for example, both the patient and the healer will have to re-pay these debts in higher percentages.

Obviously, the reasons for my problems are in my subconsciousness. I haven’t been able to get rid of my arrogance.  Perhaps I am attached to spirituality. I idealize my parents, etc but I am making an effort to understand which areas I need to continue working on.

Could you please explain to my mother how dangerous this practice is? She follows your advice and I hope that she will listen.

Thank you very much in advance.


Have you ever thought about why Christ calls the devil sly? Because the devil does not force, he tempts. Man himself chooses the path on which power becomes more important to him than love.

Your mother decided that you can mechanically climb into the soul and do everything you want there, as you would with the motor of a car. But the soul is Divine territory, and to attempt to control destiny is to struggle against God’s will. This struggle always ends with problems with one’s health and destiny. When consciousness attempts to control the subconscious, it results in oncology, misfortune, mental illness…

Mind divides, disassembles and analyzes, and the subconscious collects, feels and unites, leading to oneness. The highest unity is God, and any attempt to understand Him consciously is equivalent to suicide.

The weaker one’s belief in God, the stronger one’s pull towards occultism, magic and other techniques. When he imagines himself to be God a person cripples his soul. This continues at first without consequences, but then the process of saving the soul begins. You of course know what it looks like.

When a selfishly motivated person tries to control these subtle planes this can lead to oncology in both himself and his descendants. It is likely soon that your mother will also have problems.

Try to bring your soul into harmony. Start by overcoming pride, the foundation of all our sins and problems and you may be able to overcome the illness.

All my sympathies to your mother.

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