24 july 2019

Sinus Infection as the Result of Self Destruction

Sinus Infection as the Result of Self Destruction

Hello Sergey Nikolaevich,

I am 26 years old. I am currently studying for a Masters Degree in Neonatology. I am married with two children. We live happily together with my husband's parents.

I am very grateful to you for your research and your books! I have read extensively on our purpose in life through the books by Zeland, Joe Vitale and others. But it was in your books that I found something very close to my heart which made real sense to me.

I was born Muslim and I believe in Allah. But for me the name Allah doesn't matter when in terms of God, all is One.

I'm trying to change but at the moment it’s difficult. I have chronic sinus infection and I have been feeling very ill. I think that the cause is not just the sinus infection. It  is not very noticeable to others but every day I wake up with a great difficulty. I cannot breathe through my nose at all. I was treated for the infection but did not have any results.

For the past few months the children have been ill constantly: runny nose, fever, cough, earache — and then the cycle begins again. My daughter is 9 months old, I am breastfeeding. Doctors advised me to wean her off and do a course of strong antibiotics. However my daughter has never taken a bottle and refuses formula.

What can I do about my children's illnesses and my barely functional state? I am continally striving to get well.

Thank you for your great work! I wish you strength, patience and, of course, lots and lots of Love!





It is very difficult for a proud person to change because he believes that he is always right. Nowadays both Western and Eastern women have become emancipated, and in the search for equality and justice have activated a subconscious program of a very strong resentment towards men.

Worse still if a woman keeps her resentment deep inside and considers it rightful, it goes from the conscious mind to the subconscious, where it either destroys her husband and children, or jumpstarts a self-destructive program in the woman herself. Moreover, the subconscious has no expiry date.

The experience of generations of Eastern women of accepting indignity and insults in humility is now obsolete. A woman violently defends her rights, without realizing that when resentment and aggression penetrate deep into her soul she fights not man but God, hates not man but God.

A while ago a friend of mine was deeply hurt by a woman. She wanted to trick him out of the room he had earned through hard work. My friend felt contempt for this woman. Half a year later he began to have a runny nose — nothing strong at first, only in the mornings, but gradually the runny nose worsened, and eventually the sinus infection started.

My friend turned to me for help. Back then I already understood how dangerous it was to despise and condemn. I advised my friend to change his attitude towards the situation and go to church. He did so, and after a while the sinus infection passed.

A sinus infection is the result of accumulated aggression towards others or towards yourself. Long term dissatisfaction with yourself and your fate can lead to a self destructive program that won’t stop with a runny nose, other illnesses may appear.

Go through your life before the birth of your children. If they also have a sinus infection this means that you accumulated problems even before their birth.

Begin to really change. I wish you every success!

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