14 august 2020

A letter from Slovakia

A letter from Slovakia

Hello dear reader.
My story begins 15 years ago… I was 15.
When I was about 12, I started looking for other methods like medicine we know today. I started red alternative medicine, but still don´t find the answers I need. Until one day.
When I was 15, a doctor had found a cyst on my Thyroid… At that time I was disappointed with medicine and everything they wanted and how the doctors wanted to heal myself, because I had many diagnoses. So I quit. And started looking in a library… And I have finally found it!
It was amazing, it has answers I was looking for years. IT SAVED MY LIFE.

But today, I know it was God who saved my life. It was Him,BUT through dearest beloved Sergej Nikolajevič Lazarev.

Dear Sergej Nikolajevič, I love your books, I love the style you write, I love you! Through your books I have found myself, YOU show me THE WAY...
I love your lovely seminars, I love your perfect praxes. I think it's very beneficial, and I´m looking forward to the next prax. I´m still working on myself. My heart is still beating and my life continues with my beloved husband and my 2 lovely kids...

I´m from Slovakia, I´m 30 years old, I´m still (yet) reading over and over your books, we have translated every green book, and 3 books from The man of the future, and 7 latest books. I watch your seminars, which are translated, I listen to your meditating CDs, I´m reading the Bible, I go to church, and everyday I´m praying. I try to live in humility, in love, in love to God, to other people, to myself, to the world...

Many thanks belong to you Sergej Nikolajevič!

Thank you, dear, who has just read my story..
Thank you

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