Decades of Science show that Gratitude Can Save Your Life

10 july 2020

In a meta-analysis  looking at a half-century of research, scientists found that both the act of smiling and seeing smiles can actually make people happier.

In another pilot study, scientists confirmed that altruistic acts—like charitable actions towards neighbours or strangers, altruistic giving, or donating blood—can actually reduce the physical sensations related to pain. 

Written in Our Biology

Scientists from the University of Arizona found in an examination of 102 people that simply thinking about loved ones reduced symptoms of stress, anxiety, and general feelings of sadness—as much as if the person were actually in the room!

Being Close Without Being Close

Expressing gratitude, either for a person’s presence or a gift, as well as receiving expressions of gratitude, however awkward, was found in a study to be enough to trigger beneficial neurological changes that resulted in better mental health for both the senders and recipients of emails.



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