29 october 2018
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New audio recording by S.N. Lazarev "Meditation" aims to help a person calm an overexcited consciousness and activate feelings, that is, to acquire the skill to live with the soul. It is our consciousness, which gives rise to discontent, claims, resentment, fear, and therefore aggression, becomes a source of unresolved stress, which leads to the emergence of many diseases and other problems. Only when we live with the soul, we are able to overcome any stress.

For many, meditation – it's just detachment from everything. In fact, the essence of meditation, like the essence of prayer, – it is a detachment from the human and a concentration on the Divine. Meditation should begin with detachment, and then turn into aspiration to God, which many people forget. In real meditation, as in prayer, the consciousness, along with selfish desires, must slow down, and the soul must come to life, because only the soul of a person can communicate with God, because it originated from God.

The compositions selected by S.N. Lazarev fully contribute to this particular task – help not only to achieve a state of detachment, but also to find the right inner aspiration – to love and joy.

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