Rhythms. Part 3

20 august 2018
Rhythms. Part 3
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Rhythmic compositions recorded by S.N. Lazarev. The main goal, which is to stop consciousness, stop thoughts, plans, & nbsp; activate feelings, concentrate on the feeling of love, forget about yourself, renounce the world around you, come to a harmonious inner state.

Both illness and health have their own rhythm. The internal rhythms of a harmonious person differ from the rhythms of a sick person. How can you determine the rhythms of a sick person? He gets annoyed – it's a ragged rhythm; he is in a hurry, – it's a ragged rhythm; he regrets what happened, – this is also rhythmic disharmony. When the reason for the distortion of rhythms is too powerful concentration on consciousness, then a person is afraid, worries, regrets, gets irritated. It is no coincidence that the Bible says that much knowledge increases sorrow. The rhythms of liberation of consciousness help to harmonize the internal state of a person and his health, their action as a tuning fork tunes, brings the soul, spirit and body into a harmonious state.

It is recommended to listen to the rhythms of the release of consciousness before starting work on yourself, it is advisable to listen to it for 30 minutes or more.

Rhythms consist of 6 different parts that are not a continuation of each other, we are individual in nature and everyone has their own sound, listen to the trial versions.

Recommended for meditation.

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