Soul recovery. Part 2

30 october 2018
Soul recovery. Part 2
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Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev created a series of audio CDs «Recovery of the Soul» to help you work on yourself. The author, through a system of images expressed in short phrases, accompanied by sounds, birds singing, helped to create the right inner direction for the listeners. Audio CD «Recovery of the Soul» helps to create the image of a loving person, which allows you to quickly change yourself, your destiny, your health.

Many have noticed that it is very difficult to change for the better, to build a correct, harmonious internal state. No matter how mentally a person tunes in, turning his intention into action, into change is quite difficult. But if thoughts are drawn into one living image, i.e. in feeling, – then it is much easier to change; the guide to action is the image, not the thought. Understanding comes through the image. For two thousand years we have believed that it is necessary to forgive and love, but in practice, little is achieved. For many, the Bible is completely incomprehensible, what is the essence of the teachings of Christ, they do not realize. Any most correct thoughts, lectures, books should be compressed into an image, – only then does change begin.

Listen to the audio CD «Recovery of the Soul» recommended in a relaxed state, sit down, close your eyes and listen to «Healing the Soul». There are no recommendations for the number of listens.

The three parts are not a continuation of each other.

It is not recommended to listen while driving.

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