Experience of Survival. Book 4 (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Experience of Survival. Book 4 (Russian version)

Experience of Survival. Book 4 (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2012

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  1. The Origin of Diseases
  2. Fruits of Good and Evil
  3. Practice
  4. Lust
  5. Letters
  6. Second and Eternity
  7. Lust
  8. Captive of Illusions
  9. Dialectics
  10. Practice
  11. Letters

Life is spread throughout the entire universe. Life has been found on meteorites that have fallen to Earth, surviving despite the harsh conditions of space. Life, as it turns out, can exist even in conditions of extremely high temperatures. We are now entering a time when familiar notions and scientific stereotypes are proving to be inadequate. There are life forms that exist for mere hours. There are life forms that can be called eternal. For example, bacteria, after division, do not die. They never get sick.

If not for stubborn facts, scientists would never acknowledge the possibility of the existence of living organisms in thermal springs with temperatures of several hundred degrees. By the way, upon entering the atmosphere, a meteorite heats up to several thousand degrees. Recently, I saw a news report about shrimp that live in acidic lakes. If we start from the familiar definition that life is a way of existence for protein bodies, then it is impossible to accept such facts: it shatters the worldview.

There are two types of reactions to new information. Religious consciousness prefers to destroy everything new along with its carrier. And the scientific type of reaction is simply to stubbornly ignore what does not fit into the familiar model of the universe. A protein denatures at 42°C. So why can a Buddhist monk sit in boiling water and treat passersby to shrimp that were also boiled in the same water? Why does a dead organism decompose at elevated temperatures, while a living one can exist in much worse conditions?

There can only be one conclusion: the primary mode of existence for life is not the physical body. It is what we call spirit and soul. It is the spirit and soul that determine the survival capabilities of any life form. This means that naive theories about a universal broth in which primitive microorganisms accidentally originated are, to put it mildly, incomplete. Nowadays, it is said that life was brought to Earth from space. The question that remains is how it appeared there in the first place.

The world ocean that emerged from the depths of the Earth could indeed have been the place of origin of the first living organisms. But this was likely the final stage. Information-energy substance found its embodiment on Earth. Why water? Probably because water can be both a stone in the form of ice and a liquid, as well as vapor. In a liquid, there is an opportunity to become both a «material» stone and a «spiritual» vapor. Just as information about the material body and the spiritual shell of a living being is contained in the soul, so all possible states of water are recorded in the water. Water has properties of both substances and space simultaneously. Water retains information within it, despite the destruction of its physical structure. All the information about the universe is «recorded» in water in the same way that it is «recorded» in the universal vacuum.

  Reviews 4
Rating 5.0 4
Great book for those seeking self-development, spiritual growth. Recommend it.
20 april 2024, 14:58
A splendid book for those who want to start developing spiritually and change for the better. I thank the author for his approach, experience, and effort.
13 april 2024, 15:05
The book is superb, it left me overwhelmed with emotions and impressions. There's an immense amount of information, plenty of examples from real-life situations. With each book, I understand more which direction to proceed further. Thanks to the author for their experience and hard work.
04 april 2024, 11:07
The book has been a real spiritual awakening for me. The author skillfully combines spiritual truths and a scientific approach, making the book incredibly engaging.
31 january 2024, 23:03
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