Field Self-Regulation System (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Field Self-Regulation System (Russian version)

Field Self-Regulation System (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 1993

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The Concept of the Field Self-Regulation System and the History of its Development
A Stable Information Structure Named Human
Extrasensory Testing
Technical Diagnostics
Culture, Art, and the Karmic Structures of a Person
What is Devilry

This is not just another book on a topic of interest to many, but essentially an exposition of an original concept for understanding the laws of the spiritual world that governs the material world.

The main goal of the book is to expand the understanding of the surrounding world, to reveal and study the mechanisms that control it, and to present the rules of entering bioenergetics, as the perfection of man must begin with comprehending the world, understanding its laws, and realizing oneself as part of a unified system of the universe.

What is this book about? Humanity is currently facing very serious problems, and whether we solve them or not determines our future. It is commonly believed that the main problems are caused by poor ecology, the threat of nuclear war, and dozens of other external reasons. In reality, the main cause of misfortune lies within man himself, for to change the world, we must first change ourselves. Changing ourselves is much more difficult than changing the surrounding world; we do not currently have the levers, means, or systems for a radical change in our thinking, worldview, and spirituality. The paths offered by today's philosophers and Teachers are at best an attempt to reinterpret the baggage of accumulated knowledge, while the main forces must be directed towards understanding the world, searching for ways of self-development. To change the world, to influence it, it must be understood, for understanding the world is the beginning of its change. We often use distorted representations of the world and blindly try to conquer it, but in fact, we are destroying it, thereby destroying ourselves. We need to realize the extent of our dependence on the world and our connection with it, to know the laws by which the world lives and develops. The research I conduct is primarily aimed at understanding what a human being is, consciousness, subconscious, the Universe.

It's time to move away from the primitive materialistic view that a human being begins and ends with the physical body. A human being is a very complex informational-energy system, consisting of only a few percent of the physical body and consciousness and 95-98 percent of informational-energy layers of the subconscious, as unknown to us as the Universe itself.

The main discoveries of S.N. Lazarev

Tags: How fate depends on a person's character. The cause of family misfortunes. The power of a curse. Signs of a dying lineage. Hereditary diseases. Why slander against a loved one is unacceptable. Why inner kindness is the best defense. The danger of feeling pity for another person. The roots of sadism and vampirism. What kind of parents have talented children. How to form a proper dream in a child. Causes of overeating and alcohol craving in children. How a name affects a person's fate. The dangers of negative thoughts during strong emotional highs.

Diseases: allergy, enuresis, myopia, encephalopathy, stuttering, pneumonia.

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