Love (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Love (Russian version)

Love (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 1996

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Love for People and the World
New Structures
The Future
Levels of Love

I had planned to release the third book a few years after the second one came out. But the information that came to me after the book was published was so important that I decided to introduce one or two new chapters in the next edition of the second book. However, condensing the information into one or two chapters proved impossible. So, I decided to release the third book separately. I wanted to publish a book in the spring of 1996 with responses to letters I had received.

But the situation was changing so fast that I decided to keep the title «Diagnosis of Karma» and provide information about the latest research.

I want to remind readers again: I am not teaching or calling for anything. There are my attempts to understand the world around me, there is my experience in helping the sick. That's what I'm reporting. If the picture of the world I recorded yesterday differs somewhat from today's, I do not make corrections and keep everything as it was. I don't know how this unique report will end, but the feeling of the importance of my research pushes me forward. Many readers have already understood that the fakes released have nothing to do with me.

If I write a fourth book, I think it will not happen sooner than in three to four years.

Before reading this book, it would be good to let go of grievances against God, parents, the world around you, yourself, your fate.

Readers may feel that the book consists of fragments, but there is a whole behind them.

Tags: When tidying up the apartment can be dangerous. When an obsession with sex becomes excessive. Can love between a man and a woman become a source of problems and misfortunes? Why a person suddenly ages rapidly. How to turn humor into a medicine. What are the evil eye, curse, or hex, and can they be removed? How natural sources can heal. Why creative people are drawn to risk and extreme situations. How to properly steam in a Russian bath. What constitutes religious fanaticism. How spells affect the behavior of living beings. How a child might react to the news of another baby in the family. The purpose of a person's life.

Diseases: frequent urinary tract infections, pediatric oncology, tuberculosis, congenital or acquired blindness, heart pain.

  Reviews 4
Rating 5.0 4
18 june 2024, 22:10
Great book, helped me resolve many difficult situations in life. Completely changed my views on life. Finally, I started to feel happy. Thanks to the author for his work.
22 april 2024, 18:01
An excellent book for self-improvement and spirituality. I recommend it for reading.
19 march 2024, 17:49
This book deeply moved me. The author offers a unique perspective on how our actions and thoughts affect our life. Very informative and useful for those who are seeking answers to important life questions.
21 january 2024, 15:04
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