Answers to Questions (Russian version)

Sergei Nikolayevich Lazarev
Answers to Questions (Russian version)

Answers to Questions (Russian version)

Sergei Nikolayevich Lazarev
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5.0 2

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Year 1999

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The book is called «Answers to Questions», and perhaps many will not receive answers to what troubles them. It would be good if readers understood that the main thing is not the specific question and not the specific answer. The path to recovery is the path to God. And here, feelings are more important than thoughts. When a person concentrates not on the feeling of the right path but on satisfying their consciousness, the effect can be the opposite.

In the book, there are questions that are repeated. I answered the questions sent to me by the viewers sitting in the audience. And, first of all, I respond specifically to the person who wrote the note. Ten people will send me the same question, and I will give ten different answers in form because when I answer, I primarily focus on the one asking, not just the question itself. I believe this will help better understand the meaning of what I am explaining.

Tags: Why misfortunes, bad luck, and illnesses can haunt an entire lineage. The dangers of long-standing grievances for women against their husbands. If a married woman unexpectedly falls in love with another man and cannot understand whom she loves more. Why a person should not hide their resentment or hatred. What to do if a young child starts terrorizing adults. When a dog bites a child. How to outwardly show love for children correctly. The reason for a child's fascination with setting fires. Why a child constantly lies. If a woman lacks maternal feelings despite having children. Why a husband suddenly leaves the family during his wife's pregnancy. What is the reason for facial hair growth in women. How to get married. What is old age.

Diseases: Retinal detachment of the eye, child's baldness and frequent nosebleeds, lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, enuresis, autism, clavicle fracture at birth, kidney stones, migraine.

  Reviews 2
Rating 5.0 2
Excellent material that makes you think about many things. To review your views on life, the world around you. And completely change your worldview. I recommend checking it out.
26 april 2024, 18:06
This book had a strong impact on me. Reading it allowed me to better understand myself and my place in the world. It offers a deep analysis of the causes and consequences of our actions.
21 january 2024, 15:06
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