Overcoming Pride (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Overcoming Pride (Russian version)

Overcoming Pride (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2020

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Pride, or separation from God, is the root of all other sins of a person. If a person does not voluntarily overcome pride, fate compels them to do so forcibly - through illnesses, misfortunes, and problems with descendants. Therefore, understanding how to overcome the sin of pride and the ability to replace compulsory humiliation of pride with voluntary humility is extremely important for each of us.

By reading the book, you will learn how pride is overcome in various life situations and gain a better sense of the direction for self-improvement. Correspondence with readers, whose experiences in overcoming their pride are reflected in the book, will undoubtedly help many.

You will see how a person, beginning to understand the need to accept the higher will, can avoid mortal danger. From Valentin Dikul's story, you will learn what a person with heightened pride can do to overcome it and become happy. You will learn how not to let greed take precedence in prayer, the importance of not being an absolute maximalist, how to build relationships at work where constant communication with people is necessary, and receive a lot of other useful information.

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Rating 5.0 1
I finished the book very quickly, in just a day and a half; I couldn't put it down. I really liked it; the examples in the book are very relevant and help to better and more deeply understand the problem. The book is written in an interesting way, with simple and accessible language. Thank you to the author for his hard work.
10 july 2024, 17:54
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