Continuing the Dialogue (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolayevich Lazarev
Continuing the Dialogue (Russian version)

Continuing the Dialogue (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolayevich Lazarev
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Year 2003

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In my books, I discuss attempts to discern the Divine within oneself. I try to touch upon areas where I am a dilettante, but knowing this, I will still continue these attempts. I hope that further development will lead me to a correct understanding. And therefore, everything I have written should be taken not as specific advice, but as a story of my personal experience.

A professor was asked, «What is the most important thing in your work as a teacher»? He replied, «Giving knowledge is not the main thing. The main thing is to teach students to work with information, to use the knowledge they have acquired correctly».

In this book, I offer several interpretations of a particular problem. For me to understand something, I need several hundred approaches to one problem. Earlier in my books, I provided only one version - as a general result. Now, I show several such versions, understanding that any conclusion can undergo further development, that is, change. In human logic, nothing can be stagnant, because nothing human is eternal.

The essence of any recovery is the change in a person. And first and foremost, the change in their thinking and worldview, not in their diet and lifestyle.

I managed to create something similar to my Moscow and St. Petersburg lectures. On the first day - general information. On the second day - specific. Therefore, I decided to continue this book and in the next one to devote more space to technical issues. I hope that my books will help readers in the beneficial transformation of spirit, soul, and body.

Tags: The fear of heights. Healing from same-sex love. Why long-held resentment towards a neighbor becomes aggression towards God. The impact of relaxation techniques, occult practices on a person and their descendants. The role of unrequited love. Why a woman has trouble in relationships with men. What kind of woman is allowed to have healthy children. How a woman «pays» for giving birth to a talented child. The line between love and attachment. Why a husband suddenly becomes aggressive. Why a woman does not want to have children with a beloved and loving husband. The permissibility of physical punishment of a child. The cause and meaning of rape. The dangers of working as a psychologist. What kind of person can become a leader in any society. Who becomes a thief. The surge of sexuality in an older woman. How a person can affect the state of the planet. What are the «Akashic Records».

Diseases: kidney pain, venereal diseases, breast cancer, hemorrhoids, schizophrenia, diabetes, female baldness.

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Rating 5.0 1
The book is filled with deep meaning and wisdom that you want to return to again and again. To be inspired for life changes. Thank you to the author.
31 january 2024, 23:05
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