Experience of Survival. Book 5 (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Experience of Survival. Book 5 (Russian version)

Experience of Survival. Book 5 (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2012

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  1. Letters
  2. Upbringing
  3. Problems
  4. History
  5. Unfinished Story
  6. Letters
  7. Mysticism
  8. Chronicle of the Apocalypse?
  9. Experience
  10. Three Steps to Love
  11. Enlightenment

We are Divine by nature, and when we externally forget about God, immersing ourselves in human concerns, serving our instincts, salvation comes into our soul in the form of Divine love. Then our body begins to suffer, torment, and die if our slavish dependence on instincts is too great.

In order to receive Divine energy, one must become like God, feel one's unity with Him. For this, union with the Creator must become the goal and meaning of life. No matter how moral a person is, no matter how fervently they pray and sacrifice, if their main goal is to satisfy instincts, then external contact with the Kingdom of God will appear to them as a tragedy, although internally, it will be salvation.

Now is the time when the Kingdom of God is approaching all of civilization. It is coming to those who worship lust, lean towards perversions, and have made the cult of pleasure the meaning of their lives. It is approaching those who have long served their instincts and are ready to envy, lie, steal, and rob for their satisfaction. The Kingdom of God is coming to those who have long ceased to follow the commandments but still go to church and consider themselves believers. It is coming to those who try to obey the commandments but pray to God only for their protection and well-being. For some, prayer has essentially become a magical ritual for gaining health and success.

The Kingdom of God is approaching everyone. For each person, this encounter will look different: one will die, another will fall ill, some will face hardships, and others will lose their children and relatives. And someone will recover and feel happy.

It all depends on a person's internal goals, on what they see as the meaning of their life. At the conscious level, we can change our goal in a few seconds, but in the subconscious, it's different. Internal orientation is determined not only by a person's worldview but also by the entire set of their thoughts, feelings, and actions. This inner orientation has tremendous inertia.

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