Survival Experience. Part Seven (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Survival Experience. Part Seven (Russian version)

Survival Experience. Part Seven (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2013

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  • World Without Children?
  • Play
  • Reception
  • Ascension
  • Reception
  • Who Are We?
  • Where Did We Come From?
  • Where Are We Going?
  • Continuing Research
  • Answers to Readers' Letters
  • Conflict
  • Attachment
  • Forgiveness and Punishment
  • Pride
  • Changing Character
  • Living with Feelings
  • Problems with the Future
  • Dialogue with Readers
  • Hope, Faith, and Love

The world is structured in such a way that the goal generates the means for moving towards it. The goal is the cause, and its attainment is the consequence. If the goal is lost, then the means also disintegrate.

A person lives and develops because in their subconscious mind, there is a system of near and distant goals. Time as the difference in potentials, the conflict between cause and effect, goal and means - all of this generates the energy that allows life to exist and develop.

When a person has a primary goal - love and unity with God, then the means also develop: our soul, our feelings, our subconscious mind. As soon as the love for God is lost, the soul begins to slowly and imperceptibly die. Then, the goal becomes survival, satisfying the instinct of self-preservation, and the main things for a person now become money, well-being, and social status. Reason and abilities become the main guiding lights, leading to arrogance, cruelty, insincerity. The desire for superiority requires constant humiliation of others, and the ambition to dominate the whole world becomes the ultimate task. For some time, there is indeed development of consciousness, abilities, and will, and everything seems fine.

But the secret lies in the fact that the sole goal of any being in the universe is unity with the Creator and knowing the Creator. Everything else is just means. Therefore, when we make our spiritual happiness the main goal, our soul begins to die. When we make the instinct of self-preservation the goal, our consciousness begins to degrade, our destiny gradually falls apart, and our abilities and possibilities diminish. If the goal is lost, the means must also be lost.

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Rating 5.0 1
I recommend reading this book to those who are searching for themselves and their place in this world. The author provides an understanding of the need to be in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world.
31 january 2024, 23:00
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