Survival Experience. Part Three (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Survival Experience. Part Three (Russian version)

Survival Experience. Part Three (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2011

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  1. Commandments
  2. He who I give a piece of bread after dipping it will betray me
  3. Portrait of God
  4. The Beacon System
  5. Worldview
  6. The Seven Deadly Sins
  7. Letters
  8. Invitation to a Feast
  9. Letters
  10. Self-Improvement
  11. Letters
  12. Personal Experience
  13. Psychological Factor
  14. Letters

Readers often send me notes with the same question: what is love for God, and how can it be felt? I have always answered simply.

If you saved someone, took care of someone, sacrificed something to help another, then the feeling that arises in you during this resembles love.

When you maintain a feeling of warmth towards your own child, regardless of their mischief, troubles, and inconveniences associated with them, when you accept them always, whether they are clean or dirty, good or bad, — this feeling resembles love.

When you feel compassion for another's pain, when you can be both very soft and very strict, but at the same time feel emotional warmth towards another, — this feeling resembles love.

When a close person betrays you, when the woman you love turns away from you, when the one you love dies unexpectedly, and you see in this the Divine will aimed at developing love in the soul, when in any collapse of the world around you, you maintain warmth and light in your soul, — this feeling, resembling love.

When all those to whom you gave warm feelings turn away from you, when you are sick and dying and cannot feel warmly towards your body and your fate, then despair may arise in your soul. And if at that moment you remember that God always needs your soul's warmth, that the Creator always needs it, then a feeling resembling love may arise in your soul.

If you understand that we are all made of love and the Divine will is primarily aimed at the salvation and preservation of love, that diseases, misfortunes, and losses, by closing off the needs of the body, spirit, and soul, direct our energy towards God, — then you may experience a feeling of awe and gratitude towards Him. And this feeling will resemble love.

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