Parenting Education. Answers to Questions (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Parenting Education. Answers to Questions (Russian version)

Parenting Education. Answers to Questions (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2010

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Questions and Answers

Love is always a combination of two opposites. Attachment and detachment. Pain and pleasure. Softness and hardness. For love to exist between a man and a woman, a potential difference must emerge. A man typically gravitates towards hardness, uncompromising attitudes, quick results, and external submission. A woman tends towards softness, unification, and gradual change. These two different tendencies, interacting, enrich each other. Biologically, a man is inclined towards strategic vision and spiritual aspects, while a woman leans towards tactical forms of thinking. For her, the material is more important than the spiritual. Yet, in feelings, a man behaves like a tactician, and a woman like a strategist. In a normal family, there is a constant division of functions. This allows feelings to develop and love to be preserved. As long as spouses strive for love, they work in counterphase in all affairs and relationships, complementing each other, developing opposites. And they become truly happy.

For many years, I couldn't understand the reason behind an unusual phenomenon. Some, after reading the first book, radically change their worldview, character, and fate. Their incurable diseases go away. Their children, even grandchildren, also begin to change for the better. And there are others. They read all the books, attend performances and seminars – and there are no changes at all.

If a person, having read my books, understands that happiness is, first and foremost, love and sacrifice, an inner energy ignites within them. It is this energy of love that allows for profound and significant change. But others heard that, by reading my books, one could recover and improve their fate. They attend seminars and performances, read the following books with the desire to take, to receive, but forget about giving back. And they see no changes at all. Moreover, the information in the books accelerates all processes – both positive and negative. Therefore, my books are harmful to the health of greedy and envious people. They, however, do not read the books, as every person has intuition.

No knowledge will change a person who puts their self-interest first. No books will help someone who consciously renounces love, preferring material, spiritual, or sensual goods. Before you receive, you must first give something. Judas lived alongside Jesus Christ for three years. But his greed and inability to love did not change him for the better. According to the biblical legend, the most intelligent and knowledgeable angel with the strongest energy was Lucifer. But his fundamental greed, his renunciation of love for God, made him the devil. As soon as greed appears in the administrative apparatus of religion, that is, titles, power, money, the process of degeneration and loss of aspiration to God begins.

This process is entirely natural. Every person wants to be happy, and possessing material values is one of the components of happiness. Happiness, much more significant, is spiritual. The happiness of our soul is much more than these two components. Because our feelings are the roots from which our consciousness and our body are formed. At its core, our soul is one with the Creator and embraces the entire universe. Therefore, the highest happiness that can be is love in God and unity with Him. Absolutely all aspects of happiness that are possible in the universe are initially contained in such a concept as love for God.

Therefore, no information is a cure. Our choice is the cure. And what to choose is up to the individual.

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