The First Step into the Future (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
The First Step into the Future (Russian version)

The First Step into the Future (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2007

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So, I have unified all human values with the world, the universe, and my loved one. Now, it's time to take the final step: to move from the human to the Divine. I wrote about this in the twelfth book of «Karma Diagnosis». The book is going to print, and suddenly, while diagnosing, I was surprised to see that there is an even deeper structure next to the structure of human love. My dreams of completing the system collapsed. At that moment, I finally understood that any completed view of the world is a stoppage of energy, a cessation of development.

A person with weak inner energy sees the universe as something frozen, unchanging, and eternal. This used to be called the stationary model of the universe. As our energy increases, our perception of the world begins to change. And since our energy is constantly increasing, the picture of the world for us must continuously change. But in the universe, every process is quantized, meaning it occurs in portions. Each quantum portion is a model of the universe. Therefore, one can count on some temporary completeness and existence within the framework of a stable model of the world. There is a gap between the portions for rest. «I wonder», I thought, «can I create a stable model of the relationship between the human and the Divine for at least some time? Seventeen years in a row, there has been continuous model change».

A new structure emerged that was deeper and therefore more significant than what a person represents with their instincts. The familiar work began again. What violations does a person dependent on this structure commit? How aggressive are they? What sensations do they experience in the process? Gradually, an intriguing picture emerged. The new structure was associated with the concepts of justice and righteousness. At some point, there was insight. Any human happiness and all values boil down to the concept of «human», and dependence on human «self» with its body and instincts can lead to the loss of unity with the Creator and become a cause of illness. But it turned out that a person is, above all, a spiritual being, merely duplicated by the body.

Protection and stability of the body, its functions, the inability to detach from bodily attachments, complete submission to one's instincts lead to illness and death. However, protection can exist not only for the body but also for the spirit. The absolutization of spiritual needs gives an incredible sense of one's rightness, superiority, and the justice of what one does. At the same time, I noticed an interesting feature: when dependence on the spiritual «self» becomes dangerous, aggression from spiritual structures shifts to the body, and the suffering of the body begins to purify the spiritual shell.

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