Survival Experience. Part Two (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Survival Experience. Part Two (Russian version)

Survival Experience. Part Two (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2010

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Dozens of notes lay before me on the table. Each note is a whole life. Suffering, diseases, misfortunes, deaths. And the reason for all this is one – the inability to love. Incorrect prioritization, a misunderstanding that the root of diseases and misfortunes is sin.

First, a person loses the need for God and love for Him, and doesn’t even notice it. Then, he makes unnoticed deals with his conscience, although the norms of morality seem to be unviolated. Only love in the soul is oppressed. One deal, then another, a third – and gradually the conscience dulls and fades. Love imperceptibly leaves, but pleasure remains. And the person tries to convince himself that he has only gained.

The person does not yet feel that he has become a slave to desire, and now, if he falls in love, his feeling quickly turns into attachment and passion. Now love will bring him not happiness, but indescribable torments. But he does not know this yet. He is also unaware that he will run from love, fearing suffering, and in doing so, will fall into even greater slavery, even stronger dependence on body and consciousness. He does not understand that this is a path to nowhere. He does not suspect that this is the slow destruction of children and grandchildren. Because, due to deals with conscience, he only receives pleasure and enjoyment. Everything seems fine for him. But tomorrow, he will commit an immoral act. Those around may not even notice it. After all, morality, external propriety are maintained. But from now on, he will stubbornly cling to external propriety and behave more immorally. A moral crime will inevitably lead to a violation of administrative laws, and then criminal ones. Perhaps, to avoid becoming a criminal and a murderer, he will fall seriously ill. Or his children will start suffering. There can be many variants; the end is the same.

I absentmindedly shuffle the notes. The situation in our country is quite complicated. Lost in thought, I look out the window. The sky is blue and cloudless, the weather is beautiful. In principle, there is an encouraging trend. Each of us must take care of our soul and save it. God saves those who come to Him – I have encountered such miracles in my practice many times. If a person returns to love and faith, he begins to save his soul and morality. The same miracle can happen with the people and the country.

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