Healing of the Soul (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Healing of the Soul (Russian version)

Healing of the Soul (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2017

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When facing various problems, we usually ask two questions: «Why is this happening?» and «What should I do?».

Sergey N. Lazarev's book «Soul Healing» will help find answers to these questions and guide you in the right direction in search of a way out of any complex situation. It will teach you to understand the true causes of illnesses and establish the right system of priorities, which can help improve your character and destiny.

What is faith, what is love for God, and accepting the Divine will; how to learn to love; how to put your soul in order, what should be the first steps in working on yourself; what is the meaning of such concepts as free will, humility, sacrifice, forgiveness, and repentance - the answers to these questions in the book are organized into a structured system of knowledge, making it easier for readers to comprehend the information and apply it in their lives.

The book also addresses the following questions:

  • Why do people often misunderstand each other?
  • What are the right behavior patterns towards others in different circumstances?
  • Can mature karma be changed?
  • Why does sacrifice heal?
  • How can a woman subconsciously harm her child?
  • Why do terrible tragedies sometimes happen to children, and can they be prevented?
  • Why is it dangerous to hold grudges against the deceased?
  • Is sexuality ultimately good or evil?
  • Why will a proud person eventually become weak?
  • Why is it important to see the divine image not only in others but also in oneself?
  • How not to take offense?
  • What is the difference between condemning a person and analyzing their unworthy behavior?
  • Why can illness be called medicine for the soul?

The book includes letters from readers who share their real-life experiences in overcoming serious illnesses such as cancer, tuberculosis, Down syndrome in a child, as well as overcoming resentment towards parents and harsh judgment of people.

With all this knowledge, you will discover new possibilities for solving your problems and achieve real positive changes in yourself and your life.

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