Completing the Dialogue (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Completing the Dialogue (Russian version)

Completing the Dialogue (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Rating 5.0
5.0 4

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Year 2004

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The world is beautiful. It is beautiful in every aspect, beautiful in its essence, for it is Divine. And since every situation leads to love and God, in no situation do we have the right to give up love, smile, joy, and optimism.

And if we maintain such a view of the world, we begin to correctly assess what is happening and it becomes easier to see how causes are linked to consequences. The correct worldview expands our possibilities in changing the surrounding world.

In this book, while answering questions that concern me, I tried to do so precisely from this standpoint. I realized that I couldn't give exact, dry, academic answers so that the reader could simply follow my recommendations without thinking. On the contrary, I wanted the reader to think and try to understand the world together with me. I hope I succeeded in this.

Tags: Can plants communicate with each other. The benefits of a monotonous low-calorie diet. Why for the sake of love, one can sacrifice justice. The purpose of unrequited love. How to deal with a person who is in love when there are no reciprocal feelings. The peculiarity of civil marriage. Why love triangles arise, the dangers of female infidelity. What should a married pregnant woman do if she suddenly falls in love with another man. For which woman is a marriage of convenience logical. The role of autogenic training. What is hypnosis. The dangers of knowing the future. Why sudden happiness can kill a person. The role of conflicts in life. The high energy of the residents of the Caucasus.

Diseases: postpartum psychosis in women, kidney cysts, stomach ulcers, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, chronic inflammation of the ovaries, cardiovascular diseases, schizophrenia.

  Reviews 4
Rating 5.0 4
Great book series suitable for both beginners and experienced clergy enthusiasts. Highly recommend.
14 may 2024, 19:28
A splendid book series that helps to improve oneself and one's life. Highly recommend.
02 may 2024, 19:10
The book is great, I found answers to the questions that interest me. I was able to review and rethink my views on life and the world around me. Thanks to the examples from real life, the information is quite easy to assimilate. I thank the author for his work and experience.
26 april 2024, 18:03
Thanks to this book, I managed to find inner harmony and understand the mechanisms of relationships with the surrounding world. This book is like a tool for self-discovery.
31 january 2024, 23:04
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