Human Health. The Meeting of Science and Religion (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Human Health. The Meeting of Science and Religion (Russian version)

Human Health. The Meeting of Science and Religion (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2017

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The survival of civilization depends on many factors. In order for humanity to endure and secure a tomorrow, it is necessary to address political, economic, ecological, and moral issues. However, without addressing moral issues, the resolution of political, economic, and any other problems is impossible because the foundation of all our problems lies in our way of thinking. If a person's thinking is that of a slave, a savage, or a pagan, no politics, economics, or ecology will lead them to happiness.

We have become accustomed to associating the development of humanity with scientific and technological achievements and capabilities, with the transformation of the planet, with the development of intellect and abilities. But at the core of any development lies what we call our soul, our feelings, that which is connected with faith and morality.

The combination of two opposites is the guarantee of progress. Only the scientific path leads to death; only the religious path leads to stagnation and a halt in development, and then, decline.

The merging of scientific and religious thinking into a unified worldview can elevate civilization to a new level and define new horizons for salvation and development.

In the near future, people must change their way of thinking, as no finances, no political or economic decisions will improve the situation otherwise. Humanity faces a serious task: a transformation of thinking, a transition to a new style of thinking.

This book provides information on how science and religion can collaborate in understanding the world, helping people to achieve health, well-being, and true happiness.

I wish all readers success in understanding the world, in nurturing and changing themselves, and in expanding our possibilities to be happy!



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